Thursday, April 10, 2008

News gem

I came across this article on the bbc and couldn't stop laughing...poor parishioners

'Spitting vicar' sacked by bishop

Rev Dr Tom Ambrose was a vicar at St Mary and St Michael Church
A Church of England vicar accused of spitting at and intimidating his parishioners has been ordered to leave his Cambridgeshire post by his bishop.

Rev Dr Tom Ambrose, 61, of St Mary and St Michael Church in Trumpington, has been disqualified from carrying out any of the functions of his office.

A church tribunal last year recommended the move citing "pastoral breakdown".

Dr Ambrose had clashed with parishioners over his plans to modernise the church.

The tribunal heard evidence of "arrogant, aggressive, rude, bullying, high-handed, disorganised and at times petty behaviour of Dr Ambrose".

'Astonished and dismayed'

In the decision letter to the vicar and those who brought the tribunal, the Bishop of Ely Dr Anthony Russell wrote: "I am astonished and dismayed that there are recorded two occasions on which it is said that Dr Ambrose spat at parishioners, allegations which were not challenged in cross-examination."

The incidents were part of a long line of disagreements between Dr Ambrose and worshippers at the church, the tribunal was told.

The tribunal heard allegations that he inundated opponents of his plans with e-mails and letters.

Dr Ambrose also allegedly upset older parishioners by using slide shows instead of sermons and using so much incense in church that some worshippers felt sick.

Dr Ambrose denied being aggressively confrontational and claimed that "envy" had been behind the allegations against him.

A Diocesan spokesman said Dr Ambrose remained a vicar.

He said: "He has not lost his orders, essentially he's lost his job."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The case of the exorbitant wedding dress

I have been on a few websites to get an idea of what I wanted especially because
am one of those females that does not had an idea of her perfect wedding or wedding dress .I don’t have names picked out for potential offspring’s and nor do I have an idea of what my ideal house would look . Basically am not really all that fused… I like to think that this is because am not materialistic and people matter to me more then things.

So being non-fussed and non-impressed with what I have seen so far I went to a particular wedding shop recommended by a friend. I had planned to take a couple of siblings and a few friends till It occurred to me that I hate shopping unless its grab and go and that 6 differing opinions would drive me crazy I had to ask a 2 of my friends if they could sit this one out ( I felt really bad actually and it stayed with me for 2 whole days although they were understanding).

I called the shop in advance and they told me it takes about 6 months for an order to be fully processed and to allow for fitting etc…Dear lord, what non-sense people planned to get married this far in advance…that beach wedding with select family and friends sounded better and better by the second.

The day arrived and I had chosen 6 from the website , I tried them on one after the other and eventually fell in love with a period dress, of lace and embroidery. Well the coat is and the dress underneath is rather plane except for the waist. I was having this one no matter what and it helped that I didn’t have to return for more shopping. I and my advisors were all agreed we loved it. The assistant then gave me the prices, they were priced separately…oops!

For someone who is so anti extravagant weddings, hates the idea of what should be a simple ceremony ended up buying a dress that she will only wear once that could easy feed an orphanage…ouch! I am telling myself that the rest of wedding cost I totally disapprove of and if it was up to me I would do away with them all so one expensive item is okay…..i feel the need to bellow don’t judge me…clearly that’s my own inner voice struggling with my self concept! Something to bring up in my counselling course me thinkith…I love it though!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hermit no more

After what can loosely be termed as advice (or realistically as threats of violent bodily harm) if I don’t start blogging again. I have taken my virtual quill and parchments and started writing (if it can even be called that). Gosh were to start, well its been over 8months since I returned from Egypt. I have turned 24(yesterday actually).

I am enjoying my counselling course very much although it has turned me into a hermit and taken over my social life. I am still mourning the loss of the myf circles on Tuesday my spiritual and social hub…Its an utter killer.

I am getting married on the 19th of July to a friends brother and yes he is Somali, my fathers sense of relieve is soo obvious. Other then that really am not sure what else is happening except I have been told for someone who only has 3plus months left until the big day (what an odd title anyway) that am freakishly calm. I don’t see anything to get stressed about as of yet. Although things might change closer to the date although I feel in control so I doubt that.

I have taken to being a full time specy, I can’t seem to switch back to contacts although eventfully am sure I will break them and then go back to sticking bits of jelly like plastic in my eyes every morning.

That’s it jolly good people I am however looking forward to reading all your blogs and catching up on everyone’s lives