Thursday, November 30, 2006

The systems are down at work today so I have been sitting on my desk surfing the net ;) while reading the news I found the following article and took part in the quiz,,1959163,00.html

here is my result

" Well done eco-warrior. Climate Change and the environment are moral issues and you are obviously a very ethical person. Is your name Monbiot? Any greener and the sheep would be after you!"

I always new it! fight to have the air conditioning of whilest sharing with Newbie in egypt! see I was saving the world!!

take part people and see what your doing for the world

the system problems continue and my joy at doing Absolutly nothing also continues...ahaa

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Career change

I feel the need to document another career change ( i wonder if it can be considered a change if i have not actually had a career as of yet...hmmm) well anyway it appears a regular change of direction is part of my personality OR maybe i just don't want a career. Nine to Five just doesn't suite me (cue Dolly Parton).

So i have decided to embrace my indecisive ways and revel in it. To hug my wayward ways and enjoy the fact that i can change my mind and explore my options as really there isn't any pressure from anyone to settle on something!!

so the career of the week is counselling! I am enjoying the fantasy of warping many poor unsuspecting individuals :) I am going to keep fills on ALL i know mwhaha ( is that ethical, if i have persmission i guess it is )

Friday, November 24, 2006

The grave yard shift+fraud

I am sat here on my desk debating which i prefer the early or the late shift. There isn't much of a debate, I feel deprived of my two way debate but i would take the early shift everytime. coming to work at 12 and leaving at 8 is so anti-social.

How do people conduct a LIFE doing these sort of shifts on a regular and long-term basis?! Seriously this must put strains on relationships. As much as I actually enjoy working with my lot i can't imagine being with them on the grave yard shift long term...urgh

OMG i just took a call and my manager thinks am a weirdo magnet already as i continuously get the weirdest calls or the most friendly people ( i think its my little girls voice) anyway I just had a guy call me and tell me that he wants me to take down some names of some people in the leicester area who are "chipping" NTL settop boxes.

I had to enquire as to what "Chipping" was and he said its basically messing with the set top box so that people receive all the channels available for free as Ntl can't detect it. He has give me names and address. I feel like a fraud investigator. The excitment won't last for long though i have to pass the information on to my manager.

I am going to bring down a massive crime ring mwahaha

Sunday, November 12, 2006

ting a ling a ling

Blog already I keep hearing, what about I ask myself, I only write when am upset or deeply moved, or excited either way I have to have my threshold raised, I have to be inspired, I have to be driven to write something whatever it might be. Lately I have been very mellow and very routine oriented, much focused and this doesn’t lend itself very well to me blogging.

But I have had two very nice experiences this week, one the Islamic awareness week marquee at saint anne’s square. It was incredible, the exhibition, the calligraphy, the henna, the food, the dress around the world section. Isn’t it wonderful the way these things bring you back into contact with people you have not seen, some for years and some for weeks but either way were there is genuine affection and love its always a wonder and a joy to be reunited.

What is becoming our tradition inspired by THE NEWBIE a very English Sunday roast was under way at the flat when we have a call saying that there is photo journalist on the way, who wants to document European Islam a typical day then. He came, he saw and he said he will return. Watch this space, the website is

Apart from that i have another week of work to look forward to but since the people am working with are hilarious its actually almost a pleasure. Other then that since am so mellow I have no rants, no deep philosophical ponders ( if there ever where any), no causes or rights to fight for, no radio calls to inspire a feminist streak…. Again am mellow and elated mood.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Working life

Ramadan is over, Eid has graced us with its presence and gone, I have settled into a work pattern, and the Egypt fund is looking rather healthy and on par with the 16week saving plan of which I have 11 weeks left!! Then its of with the coat, gloves and scarf but until then am freezing. I feel the gale winds of winter upon us my toes and fingers are well and truly loathing the cold already, plus what little summer tan I had picked up is quickly fading.

Ntl is hilarious, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed work so much, other then the early mornings and ridiculous bus journey its great. My colleagues are such a funny bunch , they make me smile and the concept of team is so strong its beautiful. I can’t remember the last time I was so relaxed and happy in a work place. Maybe it’s the size of the organisation or maybe its because its so impersonal, we get along, we have fun and then we go home, there is absolutely nothing to dwell on.

Colleagues should be just that, people you work with, people who have a neat little compartment to fit into and this compartment should contains the following words
Impersonal ( no personal matters should enter the office)
Friendly ( but not close friends)
Professional (an understanding of the word and its relevant practice, but an air of being professional when in fact its anything but)
Procedures and regulations
Clear and unambiguous dealings
Fair and unemotional treatment
Family and friends should NEVER EVER work together

Ntl seams to be all this and more for me and because its so stress-free I have an incredible amount of energy, I am getting things done. I never realised just how much my energy levels depended on my emotional well being. Now that am content and relaxed my acquaintance with lethargy seems so far away.

I am writing this after my Arabic lesson , which consisted mainly of grammar so my head is somewhere else. But it is a fine example of my high energy levels, I woke up as 6 this morning to go to work now its 9pm and I have just finished my lesson.
Sometimes dispite what people may think is best for you, or how well the exit door maybe blocked only you can know what is good for you. Sometimes its just a change of scene but alhamdulilah I am very very pleased with my work place even if it’s only that for the next 11 weeks. I was talking to my friend who works in a Muslim organisation and its very sad when a muslim prefers a non-muslim work place to a muslim work place, very sad indeed.