Sunday, November 12, 2006

ting a ling a ling

Blog already I keep hearing, what about I ask myself, I only write when am upset or deeply moved, or excited either way I have to have my threshold raised, I have to be inspired, I have to be driven to write something whatever it might be. Lately I have been very mellow and very routine oriented, much focused and this doesn’t lend itself very well to me blogging.

But I have had two very nice experiences this week, one the Islamic awareness week marquee at saint anne’s square. It was incredible, the exhibition, the calligraphy, the henna, the food, the dress around the world section. Isn’t it wonderful the way these things bring you back into contact with people you have not seen, some for years and some for weeks but either way were there is genuine affection and love its always a wonder and a joy to be reunited.

What is becoming our tradition inspired by THE NEWBIE a very English Sunday roast was under way at the flat when we have a call saying that there is photo journalist on the way, who wants to document European Islam a typical day then. He came, he saw and he said he will return. Watch this space, the website is

Apart from that i have another week of work to look forward to but since the people am working with are hilarious its actually almost a pleasure. Other then that since am so mellow I have no rants, no deep philosophical ponders ( if there ever where any), no causes or rights to fight for, no radio calls to inspire a feminist streak…. Again am mellow and elated mood.


NM said...
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white african said...

Glad you updated your blog sis, feels like i havent seen you in yonks.

hope to be seeing your smily face soon inshallah

Firefly said...

Yeah, it feels like ages since u last updated. Good to hear that all is well and ur enjoying your job!


An update!

U had 2 use my fav line of the moment 'ting a ling' huh! lool

Glad u enjoying work gurl!!