Thursday, November 02, 2006

Working life

Ramadan is over, Eid has graced us with its presence and gone, I have settled into a work pattern, and the Egypt fund is looking rather healthy and on par with the 16week saving plan of which I have 11 weeks left!! Then its of with the coat, gloves and scarf but until then am freezing. I feel the gale winds of winter upon us my toes and fingers are well and truly loathing the cold already, plus what little summer tan I had picked up is quickly fading.

Ntl is hilarious, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed work so much, other then the early mornings and ridiculous bus journey its great. My colleagues are such a funny bunch , they make me smile and the concept of team is so strong its beautiful. I can’t remember the last time I was so relaxed and happy in a work place. Maybe it’s the size of the organisation or maybe its because its so impersonal, we get along, we have fun and then we go home, there is absolutely nothing to dwell on.

Colleagues should be just that, people you work with, people who have a neat little compartment to fit into and this compartment should contains the following words
Impersonal ( no personal matters should enter the office)
Friendly ( but not close friends)
Professional (an understanding of the word and its relevant practice, but an air of being professional when in fact its anything but)
Procedures and regulations
Clear and unambiguous dealings
Fair and unemotional treatment
Family and friends should NEVER EVER work together

Ntl seams to be all this and more for me and because its so stress-free I have an incredible amount of energy, I am getting things done. I never realised just how much my energy levels depended on my emotional well being. Now that am content and relaxed my acquaintance with lethargy seems so far away.

I am writing this after my Arabic lesson , which consisted mainly of grammar so my head is somewhere else. But it is a fine example of my high energy levels, I woke up as 6 this morning to go to work now its 9pm and I have just finished my lesson.
Sometimes dispite what people may think is best for you, or how well the exit door maybe blocked only you can know what is good for you. Sometimes its just a change of scene but alhamdulilah I am very very pleased with my work place even if it’s only that for the next 11 weeks. I was talking to my friend who works in a Muslim organisation and its very sad when a muslim prefers a non-muslim work place to a muslim work place, very sad indeed.


Newbie! said...

salaam nm!

very interesting blog indeed...... :-)
i love how egypt now gets a mention in every blog you do! but really cant blame you...oh the jelousy!

glad ntl is so good for you, a happy and relaxed workplace does make all the difference. there seems to be a 'workplace' theme running through blogs at the moment! my workplace consists of tns...and we both know the beauty of that place! the usual call centre bunch.

but on the otherhand, i have seen so much potential in people to become 'normal' lol. happy days!

white african said...

work work work all the way wooohooo

SleepDepraved said...

Its really is good to work in a muslim workplace then u don't have to explain the little dashes you do to go pray.

I am thinking of coming to egypt for about three week. I wanted to do five weeks but I don't think my boss would allow it. During that time apart from sightseeing I want to learn arabic. Is there anything you would recommend. The more informal the better, I hate routines.

hayak said...

I enjoyed reading that.

Firefly said...

Busy busy busy, eh? I'm glad you're enjoying ur work.


Brings a smile to my face NM

:) :) :)

Infact not just one smile but a few...

lostkitty said...

glad ur enjoying it! May Allah always keep u safe and happy! Make tonns of money.... then buy me a ticket to Egypt to come and stay with u!

tails of a mad cow said...

hey dude, i miss you!

Glad to hear all is going well, got your text too, it made me smile :D.



NM said...

SleepD, with most schools if you study privately the lessons are negotiated between yourself and the teacher. Hence you set your own routine. you have to seen Aswan and luxour is great for silver, climb mount sinai and spend a day on a felucca floating on the nile, its unforgetable :) enjoy.

oh and what time will you be going?

Anonymous said...

Naima, bloomin hell girl, blog already!!!!!