Saturday, October 21, 2006

Masjid crawl

This ramadan has been so full,its been brimming. i felt work was taking over and
i needed something more spiritual. i found out about the MYF qiyam on wednesday night and i wentfrom isha till fajr. It was so much fun seeing all the ladies in one place, qiyams are incredibly beautiful for so many reasons, the closeness you feel to Allah, the sincere lightness of spirit from all there, the fact that you see people you havn’t see since last Ramadan. ahhh that was the beautiful part the not so joyous part was that I had work the morning after and literally jumped on the bus just before sunrise to get to work and survive a full days work. How I managed to stay awake for 24hours only Allah knows.

Then on Friday night, round two arrived and we stayed in the MYF till 3am when the twin announced that Didsbury Masjid was completing the Qur’an in a couple of hours, WOW but more then that there is nothing quite like a Didsbury Du’a especially to mark the completing of the Qur’an. MD and I jumped in the twins car and of we went. it’s a joyous surprise when the Iman is reciting the Qur’an and you realise you know more surah’s then you think you do. The Du’a was lived up to the Didsbury expectation.

Then we left jumped back in the car and made it back to the MYF for Sehri, fajr and the Du’a. For some strange reason I feel like my Ramadan is over now, its probably because I can’t possibility top up these last magical couple of nights. Alhamdulilah now that I made up for the initial dip in the middle.

I wish It could be Ramadan everyday! But then the essence of Ramadan is to carry all the lessons we have learnt.


lostkitty said...

so true - lets hope we have the strength and the taqwa to carry on the lessons we have learnt from Ramadan. May Allah help us and guide us, Insha'allah.

hayak said...

Being around you guys has been one of the best things during these last few days.
You just cannot buy good friends.

NM said...

Ameen to that T. Hayak...Aww. We are very blessed alhamdulilah. Tell Mr hill that we are going to decend on your dwelling on that sunday :)

Newbie! said...

Another Ameen here as well. this has been my first 'official' Ramadaan and its has been so special due to the amazing people i have around me. i love you all! but anyway, im gonna proclaim my love in more detail on my new blog! yay! yup ladies iv finally joined the weird world of publishing my private life to the world, otherwise known as blogging!
till then.....salaam and goodbye!

Newbie! said...

Yay! welcome newbie!!! its about time for the love of god, its long overdue...but not to distract from the festivities!!! marhaba, welcome,bashbash iyo barwaaqo.

Newbie! said...

erm, honestly, im not creating friends!

(NM you have left a comment on your blog whilst still logged on to my profile!)

NM said...

:) newbie that's just your many personalities coming through.

Anonymous said...

what an incredible experience. I am so sad ramadan has come to an end for another year! what other time would people go on a masjid crawl :)