Monday, October 02, 2006

A full time job

My banker of a sister would be so proud, I sat down a while ago after booking my ticket for Egypt and calculated exactly how much I would need for my accommodation, course, living expenses and a few trips to Sinai and Aswan maybe luxor and so on.

Anyway was I was starting to become a little anxious that I might not be able to meet the amount that I need to save per week (16 weeks to go till I leave) but truly allah hears our du’a because out of the blue I just got a call saying I will be starting my new job this Monday and I will be training for 4 or 6 weeks which is beautiful because I won’t be straining myself during Ramadan.

I am so pleased, am getting excited about studying, Arabic, Tajweed, the Qur’an. Ahhh utter bliss Alhamdulilah, don’t you just wish it could be Radaman everyday of the year.

This also means I can help with Radio Ramadan more too inshallah, White African invited me, MD and Sarah to the show a week ago and our first show was so controversial, what did we cover I hear you asking… women being allowed in the masjid.

Yeah I know what made it controversial we simply don’t know, refer to White Africans report.


hayak said...

Congrats on your new job!
Heard you guys on the radio today-well done!

white african said...

congrats sis, proud of you, only the best for you inshallah.

yipeeee helping me out on the radio, seriously its not the same without any of you.

girl you gotta help me think of some more contreversial issues.

Anonymous said...

can you listen the radio on the net and is it a loca FM frequency exclusive to Mancunians.

hayak said...

You can listen to it online-the frequency is 106.1

lostkitty said...

hey! congrats on ur new job! What is it? HOw come u never told me u sneaky-woman!

NM said...

LOL! i only just got the job lostkitty, a bit like you in that respect. will be starting on monday.

Anonymous i didnt expect the radio question but hayak on the ball