Thursday, September 28, 2006

White African

Our white African has turned a quarter of a century yesterday , So Whitey ;) I found a little something which will inshallah go someway to describe how we feel about you.

A true gift from Allah

Sometimes in life,you find a special friend;
Someone who changes your lifejust by being part of it.
Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop;
Someone who makes you believethat there really is good in the world.
Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked doorjust waiting for you to open it.This is Forever Friendship.

When you're down,and the world seems dark and empty,Your forever friend lifts you up in spiritand makes that dark and empty worldsuddenly seem bright and full.
Your forever friend gets you throughthe hard times, the sad times,and the confused times.
If you turn and walk away,your forever friend follows.If you lose your way,your forever friend guides youand cheers you on.

Your forever friend holds your hand and tells you that everything is going to be okay.And if you find such a friend,you feel happy and complete,because you need not worry.You have a forever friend for life,and forever has no end.

You Whitey are our Forever friend. May ALLAH Always keep you with us! As native would say Much love homie


white african said...

oh my god that was amazingly lovley of you, walahi you brought tears to my eyes and i thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

wallahi i am so thankfull to Allah to have you as a friend, bless you sis ten folds.



Whitey....mashaAllah. Everything posted on this blog is true about your character....mashaAllah. May Allah keep u that way and bless you......ameen!!

Always thankfull to have u as friend!

And yes I am saying much, much and much luv homie!!!!!!!!

lostkitty said...

Its true - ur the best Whitey. Masha'allah, an inspiration. And one of my best friends. (sob - i miss u!)

white african said...

thanks guys, walahi my life would be depressing without each and every one of you, may allah forever keep us close

Ever The Idealist said...

hey she joined the old and over the hill lot who are 25. such wonderful girls include evertheidealist, hafsa, grumpyyoungwoman,salma, ketchup and many more that i can't remeber at this moment.WELCOME TO THE CLUB!we have special get togethers and all you know...

Firefly said...

A happy belated birthday to White African. May you have many happy returns Insha'Allah.

NM said...

Its all true BANANA ;)

white african said...

thanks guys, blush blush, truly i am blessed in my dunya life, thanks praise to allah