Monday, September 11, 2006

Amazing? odd more like

I have been tagged by Native female to come up with 10 amazing facts about myself... good god it has been a trying test but since MD who i thought would never get around to hers has well and truely beaten me to it.

Here is my rather revealing and somewhat embarrassing list

1) I almost always see the funny side to a situation, the knowing twitch of an angry person or the compulsive stroking of the head when one is stressed or the erratic hand gestures of an excited person. I notice these individual express so well that sometime I will mimic someone for a lengthy period and see how long it take for them to notice ( such a cheap thrill).

2) I have a very high threshold for embarrassment, I am one of the first to laugh at myself and probably the last (comes from years of practice)

3) I have a knack for walking into the most unexpected situations but alhamdulilah I can almost always get myself out of a situation. ( again years of practice).My decision making is so erratic and unpredictable that even those who are close to me find it difficult to keep up with me.

4) I have no qualms about showing affection, I tell my family and friends I love them often and give them hugs abundantly. In this vain I reinforce and reaffirm personal qualities and attributes.

5) I make friends very easily when I put my mind to it, (mainly because am blessed with a sense of humour) but I sometime especially in very temporary situation I calculate if the energy is worth the friendship and if not then I almost undergo a personality transplant and become introspective to keep myself occupied ( rather disturbing I know)

6) I can do numerous things all of which are not necessary for survival ( basically I can’t cook) and I loath shopping ( but I can last a few hours of ceaseless wondering from shop to shop if you ply me with abundant chocolate and the shops have somewhere to sit. Strangely though I can spend hours looking for the right present)

7) I am addicted to travelling and a certain urge overtakes me after a while and I need to take of to realign and feel centred sometime just a change of scenery is necessary ( my poor parents and any future spouse)

8) I have perfected the art of tea making and have an excellent memory for how everyone likes their tea (probably because it’s all that anyone ever asks me to make.

9) I am an obsessive thinker, I will spend aeon cataloguing all the possible consequence that an action will incur and then weigh them up. Although sometime I allow my heart to rule my head and I will do something despite my better judgement or what the cost to myself because a principle is at stake. Probably the primary reason why people ask for my advice.

10) I am easily impressed any acts of kindness, ny new sights and sounds and
Sometime almost literally I loose myself in the place and experience behaving as if I were a kid in a sweet shop. This can lead to me talking and answering myself (yes I know…?)

I can’t imagine what I have missed out accept am an incessant talker but a great listener too (comes with being a middle child me thinkth) I am imbued with energy and I walk with a spring in my step I bob up and down noticeably as I walk. I am rather blunt with those am close to but very tactful with those I am not, I am ridiculously easy going and can cope with almost anyone.(again middle child trait me thinkth)

I am going to stop now! enough said

WA i am waiting for your list.

I tag LostKitty, Cow (jug and evertheidealist along with flowerlady are an absoulte lost course when it comes to blogging so

WA, Lostkitty and Cow its up to you


white african said...

wow, cool , im impressed you got around to doing it, i alwayas try to find ways to get round doing these lists, but since you have t agged oh well i gotta think now hmmmmmmm

NM said...

chup chup ladies.


NM: Amazing and at the same time odd list indeed.But thats why I like you.....:D

Missed you at the study cirle last night.......


what happened to the 'isms?....I thought you would definately mention them...........

NM said...

I wasn't feeling too great, am convinced muna is sharing her Italian cold!

lol! totally forgot about the isms..

"But thats why I like you.....:D"

Native Female i thought we had more then like...:(


That why I lllllooooovvvvve you homegurl!!!!
Didn't wanna be too emotional u feel me

NM said...

lol. Thats more like it!

Firefly said...

Cooking is overated. Good list.

Ever The Idealist said...

i dont like the fact that i got left out. i only missed writting for a few weeks...what sort friendship is this that i am disowned after such a short time?!!

tails of a mad cow said...
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tails of a mad cow said...

"I have a very high threshold for embarrassment"

Indeed you do, however you have surpassed even that and I have seen you blush a deep crimson hue many times since I've known you. Always getting into embarassing scrapes with your word vomit, dude. It just seems to come out and then your cute little face dawns with horrified realisation and buries itself in your hands. I love you for it, though. Hugely entertaining :P


The Laughing Cow x

tails of a mad cow said...

Ok, stopped laughing...where have the links bally well disappeared off to?!?



NM said...

Firefly: i would soooo have agreed with you about cooking until i helped my little sister mover into her accommodation this week in liverpool. The girls going to starve.

ETI: you have tortured us for week, months am sure but you still have the opportunity to redeem yourself.

COW: It’s all about the words, i insist its societies fault :(
being computer illiterate i tried to do a few things and failed miserably