Wednesday, September 27, 2006


My current in-between-student like job or money earner for the egypt fund as i am calling it, is in the city centre. I was starting to panic about the possibility of missing Tarawih prayer but Alhamdulilah Allah being incredibly merciful, I walked into the MYF in town one tuesday and picked up an iftar time table to discover that at the back they were going to be open for Tarawih this year ( cue the heavenly music ahah ahhhhhhh).

So yours truely comes out of work at 9pm and within 3 minutes is in the MYF praying Isha and Tarawih in congression. I am so very pleased, the recitation is beautiful and the dua at the end of witra always brings tears to my eyes.

And all the time i am thinking INSHALLAH next Ramadan i will be standing here, but instead of listening to the melody of the imans voice and the sincerity that his tone conveys i will INSHALLAH be able to understand what i am saying Ameen to!

I really thought having to work such random hours during ramadan for egypt was going to be taxing but subhanallah its so easy and that is truely a blessing. I am so in love with Allah right now its filling my little sinner heart.

Please remember me in your dua's as i will


muslimah said...

asalamu aliakum

alhamdullilah! Truly Allah is most Merciful.

white african said...

i love tarawih at myf i have been praying ther for the last 6 years, its not packed like didsbury and the atmmosphere is really nice.

always making duas for my sisters, you guys deserve the best in life

TheAdvocates said...

Indeed, you are lucky. To have a good Quran reciter and dua is an integral part of the experience of Tarawiix. I myself can't complain. Maasha-Allah the first Qaari is a good reciter, clear in voice and gentle in speed. But the second sheikh is quite quick for my enjoyment.

PS: good luck

NM said...

Jazakallah khayr u guys. The MYF truely rocks may Allah always keep it there for us.

"always making duas for my sisters, you guys deserve the best in life" White African you too truely rock :)