Friday, September 22, 2006

Unemployment & Ramadan

I would recommend a short period of unemployment to anyone. The sheer freedom, the joy not having to go to sleep early because you have work in the morning, the joy of being able to get up for tahajjud knowing that you can sleep in in the morning! Messing around with your friends and family?! Do I miss working erm….God no!!!! Role on the good time, role on.

Oh and I have decided at as a believer my word will be worth its measure in Silver ( am not a fan of the yellow stuff) so I have been writing all my engagements in my diary and doing my utter best to fulfil them. Today was such a test, I have 4 promises to fulfil and while out and about to fulfil 3 of those I got caught up in the rain, the buses were diverted and I have to walk throughout the rain, I was miserable but no way was I going to fail 3days into my self-development programme so I ploughed on and alhamdulilah I made it all ( I might have caught pneumonia in the process but hey)

No wonder Allah says Muhammed (SAW) came to perfect character, and the jihad of the nafs is the utmost jihad, May Allah (SWT) reward us for our efforts!

The Blessed month is upon us again and as usual it has come quickly but inshallah we shall make use of every single day. All power and might is to Allah who has blessed us with another month of Ramadan. I can’t wait for the feeling of peace and tranquillity for the hunger and thirst which makes you reflect for the opening of the fast with those that you love, for the genuine acts of kindness which are abundant during Ramadan, for tarawih, for the reciting of the Qur’an for the knowing smiles.


Anonymous said...

Re-invent yourself and preach Islam to your family and Freinds..

Ramadhaan Kareem..Kulu Caam wa antum Bikheir..

NM said...

One thing at at time :)


Ramadn Mubarak sis!

muslimah said...

asalamu aliakum

May Allah help you in reaching and fullfilling all your goals and dreams. Have a blessed Ramadan dear sis.

NM said...

Thats a beautiful du'a muslim. May it be true for all of us inshallah.