Thursday, October 12, 2006


Wow i have had another absoultely hectic week, but this time its because am training with NTL , subhanallah its so much fun, not because the training is not challenging (which it isn't) not because my follow trainees are simple (which they are) but because its just a nice, relaxing atmosphere and since virgin merged their outlook is if the staff are happy this will translate to good customer service which will translate itself to revenue.......blah blah.

What it means for me is i get spoiled, i have eid off if it falls on a monday, i can take the prayer room key from the reception when ever i wish and 2 of my follow trainees are soooo simple bless them that they make me smile.

The first week of the 6 weeks training is almost over and am loving it. Alhamdulilah NTL or the egypt fund as am terming it simply rocks.

The arabic lesson are coming along nicely ( my head still hurts) and iftar has been the most adventurous yet. we have had

libyan food
English food ( roast dinner)
good ole somali food

and thats all i can remember.



Alhamdulillah that everything is turning out great...may it continue that way.

NM said...

Ameen :)

tails of a mad cow said...

I want somali food! I want to try rice with bananas *pout*

lostkitty said...

lol yes somalis and bananas!

I'm glad its going so well - alhamdulillah, may we all be blessed by such fun work and such understanding!