Sunday, October 15, 2006

Beginner's cooking

Feasting on everyone else’s offerings was making me feel that it was about time everyone feasted on my offering. Cue “The Osborne beginner’s cookbook” and a very motivated Naima. The results:

Meatball in tomato sauce ( with peppers, onions, mixed herbs...) with pasta

fudgy apple crumble with custard.

I experiment on MD, Sarah and little AD. They lovvveeeeeeeed it, my worries about starving in Egypt are long gone. I am actually on a high, what an achievement. Next time am doing this on a much larger scale inshallah.

They might look rather simple but am so proud! my first meal


white african said...

lllllllllllllll (thats the sound that arabs do in times of happiness)

congrats sis, looking forward to tasing your meals mmmmmmm

Dee Nooh said...

Delia Abdi in the making. laakin hurry to the bariis and baasto styles, am sure few farahs will apperiacite meatballs an apple crumble as much those poor girls you subjected your cooking to.

p.s u will not starve in egypt as long u like Tacmiya .. flafel Eguptian style


^ Dee...this bruva is funny!

WA...I am making the same sound of happiness.....lool

NM...yay! Can't wait to test ur cooking sis....mmmmmm

Ever The Idealist said...

i was vgonna say i get first dibs but i'll settle for just any dib as i love apple pie.

who cares what somali dudes want man Dee!

lostkitty said...

well done NM -now come to London and cook for me!

Firefly said...! *Drools*

NM said...

barris and passto arnt' on my list yet, simple and nuritious.

White A and Native i am was so proud it all turned out right, first try as well...

T am still in transit :)

Firefly, i know i know..mmmm