Thursday, November 30, 2006

The systems are down at work today so I have been sitting on my desk surfing the net ;) while reading the news I found the following article and took part in the quiz,,1959163,00.html

here is my result

" Well done eco-warrior. Climate Change and the environment are moral issues and you are obviously a very ethical person. Is your name Monbiot? Any greener and the sheep would be after you!"

I always new it! fight to have the air conditioning of whilest sharing with Newbie in egypt! see I was saving the world!!

take part people and see what your doing for the world

the system problems continue and my joy at doing Absolutly nothing also continues...ahaa


Newbie! said...

but what the other bloggers don't realise is that the temperature there was 40/50 degrees, even at night! add that to a stuffy room and extreme lack of sleep due to late night travells with you nm and you equal me politley asking for you not too switch of the air con in the middle of the night!

NM said...

excuses excuses, saving the world takes Sacrifices:(

Although the air con would become incredibly cold for me to bear at night so maybe it wasn't all for the enviornment. But still Newbie