Friday, November 24, 2006

The grave yard shift+fraud

I am sat here on my desk debating which i prefer the early or the late shift. There isn't much of a debate, I feel deprived of my two way debate but i would take the early shift everytime. coming to work at 12 and leaving at 8 is so anti-social.

How do people conduct a LIFE doing these sort of shifts on a regular and long-term basis?! Seriously this must put strains on relationships. As much as I actually enjoy working with my lot i can't imagine being with them on the grave yard shift long term...urgh

OMG i just took a call and my manager thinks am a weirdo magnet already as i continuously get the weirdest calls or the most friendly people ( i think its my little girls voice) anyway I just had a guy call me and tell me that he wants me to take down some names of some people in the leicester area who are "chipping" NTL settop boxes.

I had to enquire as to what "Chipping" was and he said its basically messing with the set top box so that people receive all the channels available for free as Ntl can't detect it. He has give me names and address. I feel like a fraud investigator. The excitment won't last for long though i have to pass the information on to my manager.

I am going to bring down a massive crime ring mwahaha


Anonymous said...

We always knew you were a wierdo...that's why we love you :)

And yes, those working hours are antisocial but we want you living comfortably during 6mnths in Egypt so do your thang homie

Being a customer advisor aint enough? You have to turn into an investigator....bringing down cable t.v criminals? loool

white african said...

yo batman want me to be your robin? looooooool i crack my self up

NM said...

lol! indeed... am waiting for my damehood from the queen ( although it has undertones about the british empire which makes me want to go Argggghhh)

Anonymous said...

oooh you grass, better not pass those names over ok, let them enojy their free cable, is not costing ya an arm and a luk.

P.S now wat u say u get me some free connection, fone, broadband, t.v ( u can block the saqajaan channels ) ... i promose a special wink for ya.

NM said...

The saqajaan channels :) thats the funnies thing i have heard all day, how can one possiblity translate that for non-somali speakers!!

i have to pass the details on, its part of my civic duty not that am not enjoying it:)

Anonymous said...

nomaaaaaaa NOOOOOOOOOO why did you do it!! whats wrong with having free ntl not everyone can afford it! its not fair!1 what happened to the whole robin hood ideology!! damnations!!

NM said...

I felt compelled to act, two wrongs don't make a right hada hada ...

Not that i didn't enjoy it!!!

NM said...

By the way people i think we need to settle on a name for me


i am sure we can settle on something