Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Career change

I feel the need to document another career change ( i wonder if it can be considered a change if i have not actually had a career as of yet...hmmm) well anyway it appears a regular change of direction is part of my personality OR maybe i just don't want a career. Nine to Five just doesn't suite me (cue Dolly Parton).

So i have decided to embrace my indecisive ways and revel in it. To hug my wayward ways and enjoy the fact that i can change my mind and explore my options as really there isn't any pressure from anyone to settle on something!!

so the career of the week is counselling! I am enjoying the fantasy of warping many poor unsuspecting individuals :) I am going to keep fills on ALL i know mwhaha ( is that ethical, if i have persmission i guess it is )


Firefly said...

LoL...are you becoming evil or is it me? Warping many poor suckers indeed!

True tho, there's no reason why you shouldn't change direction/career when you want to. Changing one's mind is a woman's prerogative from what I hear.

NM said...

:-) thanks for the support firefly! For awhile now i have been wrestling with my indecisive nature as all my siblings have always known exactly what they have wanted to do, i put pressure on myself.

But now i have accepted, embraced, hugged my experience loving nature! keep the adventures coming

Newbie! said...

i can see you as a counseller! you are a good listner and always have good advise, no matter what the problem is.
this is coming from the girl who has had your counselling free for the last three years alhamdulillah!
aaaaaw, another group hug!

NM said...

another, when was the first group hug?

awww, thats one indorsement, i wonder how many more i need. This could be THE career though.

Anonymous said...

"A candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle."

NM said...

Anonymous I like it...knowing me I will have many candles light simultaneously anyway :)