Monday, December 04, 2006


Hot of the press, my computer system at work has been defunct for 3days now. On Thursday when the problems started I thought it was heaven but occupying yourself in front of the computer purposelessly for 7.5 hours a day for 3 days is starting to take its toll.

Today is Monday and as usual the Monday blues are rampant and as it gets colder and colder its becoming more and more arduous. This morning I literally had to tip myself out of my bed and it was only the proceeding bump and subsequent pain of landing on my bag that woke me!

The beautiful bus journey was made even more exciting by getting stuck in traffic! Now that am on the early shift for the next 14days I have an immense amount of joy ahead of me every morning, bring out the voluminous books.

To then walk into work with a pass that isn’t working so I can’t access anywhere in the building. I approaching the reception area which doubles as the security hut I was …erm…how shall I put it surprised to find out that I have been TERMINATED! What on earth! Well apparently when someone leaves NTL their pass is terminated, So now that am an not actually working at NTL anymore my poor bereaved manager had to come down and vouch for me.

I finally made it into the building only to find out that my computer system that hasn’t been working is shockingly still not working, or rather acknowledging my existence. Oh joy.

The light of a day came in the form of my temporary contract coming to an end in a week and a half’s time. After I have another interview on Tuesday along with a few psychometric computer tests! The ultimate blow is that I will now be paid monthly!! Why oh why! Counting my pennies and turning the them into Egyptian curency in my head every friday is what ensures I actually get out of bed.

So to some up my Monday
The waking up almost killed me
The stupid bus almost killed me
NTL has terminated me
My weekly pay as well and truly been terminated


Newbie! said... fell out of bed? i can imagine it now!!!
this is along the same lines as you colapsing onto the bed after a very long and tiring day and realising that you have just sat on a fresh and juicy mango! oh how i laughed! how i love slapstick humour.

erm....back to your bad day, sorry to hear it. im stuck at home tidiying ny room :-( then back to dissertation work. double :-(

NM said...

The mango story is going to haunt me for ever! imagine that tired but know that egypt rested on you going to work...My side aches to now.

And as for the day! I don't want to go full time! can you imagine getting paid at the end of every month!! hello am only here for another 6weeks (minus this one.

Maybe i should share that information, but who announces there leaving so far in advance!

What to do what to do!!

oh and just to add to it all

my pgce electronic form has turned up on their system again, the mancat job is mine except i can't start for till sept next year! my counselling career is still the career of the week oh and am fixated on this monthly payment thing...

Newbie! said...

the monthly pay isn't too bad, you will get paid in a lump sum so you can just put what you can spend aside and give the rest to mummy for safe keeping!

isn't it a good thing that the mancat job doesn't start till sept? then you can go to egypt safe in the knowledge you have a job to return to? isn't trhe counselling thing just in the eve?

(room update...its getting cleaner but still a while to go!)

NM said...

LOL! trust you to put my manic rant to an end...i wanted to dwell on it for a moment ;)

i have to actually tell the mancat lot about my travelling ways, am not too sure how to break the news.. what would i say

"thanks for the job but am leaving the continent for the duration of the job, can i start next year? Many thanks!

Dee Nooh said...

if they offer full-time contract sign it and then quit, simple as that, unless u need future references from them.

white african said...

mangos hmmmmmmm trying to think how in the world, coming up with no answers.

mondays are annoying, at work our phone had diorrehae (it wouldnt stop ringing) i wanted to run at 50mph and bang my head against the wall to knock me out but decided no last minute...

Firefly said...

Lo0oL! Sounds like a rough day, NM.

Anonymous said...

Hey sweety....does sound like a rough day....poor you!

The mango story? I wont ask.....

Being paid monthly aint that bad!

Can only imagine how boring it must be to be occupy yourself for 7.5hrs.....dang!

But hey homie......cheer up and chill out.....I knw it getting cold but you will be basking in the sun in a few thinks you will have fun!

Making dua for you!!!

NM said...

Dee nooh, incredibly practical typcial male then ( p.s what on earth does your name mean?)

Firefly, it was one of the roughest mondays to date although by the end of the day i thought it was hilarious

Whitey, am sure you know the mango story! Whitey ran around telling everyone in luxor.

Native,thanks for the support sweetie! Your call made my night. I still think we should start that registered charity for NM's labtop that we discussed ;)

i just received a call from mancat and told them about going to learn arabic and if that would disadvantage me if i was to reply and she said, speaking another language would be an asset to the college. Thats one less thing of the to do list.

hayak said...

How are you? I've managed to drag myself out of the sea of year 7 marking that I am currently drowning in to see how young, free and single people live nowadays.

dont worry about the monthly wage thing-ive always been paid monthly and prefer it. loadsa money! (for about 3 days and then skint).

So which job did you get? and what happened with the counselling thing. Have you applied? and now that your PGCE form has turned up, will that mean you omay consider teaching again?
We have a 'thought of the week' at school and every week it changes. How about 'Naima's aspirations, dreams, ambitions, fantasies of the week' :-)

Hana Agil said...

Mate! Listen to K'naan, that'll make life more interesting

NM said...

LOL! Hayak the life of a teacher, judging from you and Bangles makes me think maybe i want to continue in a semi-carefree way.

Besides your not issued a stick to keep them in line! what is that all about eh, now in Africa we do things differently mwaha.

Counselling is still the career of the weeksssss, The job i got was the mentoring job other then have to reapply they seemed fine about me coming back next there is the counselling fund.

God all my jobs seem to be a fund for something or the other:)

Hana it was a joy to bump into you! I can't wait to have a listen as hear what the somali brother is trying to convey?

I really don't want to be disappointed thou!

md said...

monthly pay is amazing when it finally comes but until then....slitting your wrists is inviting....

NM said...

Slitting your wrists MD? The only issue is that i will get my january pay when am in egypt

kinda mess with my plan but hey guess i will just have to incorporate it into spending money