Friday, December 29, 2006

A dying world

The world has officially gone mad, the Muslim world that is! Not only do we have the longest list of occupied countries, countries in conflict, countries ruled by the worst that humanity has to offer, but now even in places where there was hope of unity an inkling of brotherhood appear to be falling apart under our stare.

I am struggling to take it all in, its breaking my heart. Palestine the olive of the Muslim world, the symbol of struggle against unimaginable aggression epitomized by the picture of a boy with a stone standing before a tank! Our symbol of struggle, What went wrong when did brother turn against brother simply because they come under the name of Fatah or Hamas! Now the Egyptian government is sending weapons to Fatah to be used against hHmas and surprise, surprise Israel has opened the border so that this can take place.

A little closer to home and Somalis are turning on each other AGAIN. Was it not bad enough when we simply slaughtered each other the first time? The South verse the North. And now it’s the struggle for power! What makes a brother take sides with an invading force?

Our problems as an Ummah have grown such that hope is all we have to hold on to. Allah says that we will not change the situation of a people until the people change within themselves. We have immense work to do! Each and everyone of us counts so lets get back to the basics so that our creator hears our du’as and enables us to live with the light and justice of Iman once more.


Anonymous said...

I know. The situation is so sad....I just try to be in denial about it most of the time, I am like you in that these
issues of the world truly depress me and
unfortunately make me not want to bring any more kids into this world. Its just getting worse by the day, and here in the U.S whatever seems to be happening in the muslim world directly affects us muslims in the us. Since I started wearing hijaab in 2005 I have realised how screwed up this country has become....

lostkitty said...

THere hope NEMO. That hope is us. Those of us who realise what is going wrong, who can see the faults and unfortunately, those whose hearts break for each and every muslim brother or sister out there that we lose.

Our duty as those who can see the truth is HUGE and daunting though.

We are the ones that have to revive the ummah, who have to remind people that we are on this Earth to worship Allah not to slaughter and rape.
ANd change begins with ME. I have to change myself and while doing so actively change the world around me.

I MUST get involved. Not just say the situation is bad and not then do anything to change it - to sit back and ignore it all, hoping it all goes away makes you part of the problem.

So get up (me too!) and do something. And once you start.... Allah will handle the rest, InshAllah.

wasmaniac said...

We deserve whatever we get as long as we are not united...that means the kafirs will be on top for a long time since the unity of the ummah just seems like a mirrage. I am getting used to it, u better be too.

NM said...

Global soul: what an apt name! if only eh?

Kitty: so true, but even when your trying to be active its still depressing.

Wasmaniac: we CANT think like that, that sounds like learnt helplessness! and believe me it becomes self-fulfilling.

We simply need to get our act together and return to our roots.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya!
and I hear kitty too!
InshaAllah kheyr!!

NM said...

A lot of hearing there you need to see someone he he

The Rendezvous said...

Walahi wa runtaa ina adheer...You said exactly the situation in Islamic countries..horrible..The newest being Somalia, our own hood.

Now the situation will never improve unless we do something to our overall Islamic world.

The Muslim youth(Girls and boys) must do what they can to represent Islam in all ways possible.They must be at the forefront to make the spirit and image of Islam conducive to the World of the 21st Century.