Thursday, January 04, 2007

Count down

I was not made to work! My 16week plan to save for 6months in Egypt is going smoothly. Except for the fact that I have to work. Its not so much as the work (even if its not challenging or engaging) it’s the cold. It doesn’t seem to matter how many layers I may wear I am always cold. My poor African skins is freezing. 2weeks left at work and 3weeks till I actually fly inshallah so I am making dua that the time remaining goes dizzyingly fast. So that i can part with all the jumpers and breathe in the sea air inshallah.

I recently received an email informing me that there wouldn’t be a teacher available in Cairo in january…Huh…one of the most over populated cities in the world and the whole institution couldn’t find a single teacher for me? Its fair to say a little panic had set in and the lord and I had a word or 7. Although it took me a while to see that the lord in his wisdom wanted in Alexandria so am headed for an apartment near the sea (inshallah) with an American muslim and an Italian looking into islam.


Anonymous said...

How exciting! I am absolutely green with envy, I would kill for 6 days in Egypt much less 6 months. I gather you're searching for an Arabic language teacher there? A private venue through uni billboards/blogs may be useful. Best of luck with your travels.

Anonymous said...

I am lost between feeling happy and sad at the prospect of you leaving. I want you to have a great time basking in the African sun but I also want you here in 'sunny' Manchester.

Who will notice my random repetitiveness? I still stand by it being a sign of 'profoundity' by the way.....

All things aside I am sure it will be an experience you will treasure for a long time inshaAllah.

Do me a favour though NM....don't come back engaged or even married! The Egyptians are famous for being such charmers...and I have witnessed it so....September wouldn't have arrived yet, dont bring it foward!

Plus the application forms aint even ready yet gurl ;)

Luv ya!

NM said...

AYA: what is stopping you? someone asked me that last year and i couldnt find a single answer restricting myself other then myself!

am going to study with an organisation called qortoba and they are taking care of everything, i just need to arrive at the airport

Native! love you woman and your profoundity it brings me hours of joy especially as when i point it out or smile you treat me with your increadibly infectious laughter.

I expect long phone calls especially in the first week when i will be up all night keeping guard with my torch and sleeping during the day;)

Egypt men...walahi the closer i gets to leaving the more advise i hear about not coming back married.

come on ladies its NAIMA

I can't possibly consider anyone no matter how charming they may be reputed to be without those application forms :)

tails of a mad cow said...

I like the fact your going to the sea dude - better get used it to ;).

Anyhoop - so wait, where are you going to learn in Alex? Coz im still planning my june-july trip. I was looking into Cairo but I may start looking at Alex if your there. I've done Cairo too, so it might be nice to experience somewhere else...

ack! decisions decisions.

Anyway dude, hang in there with the work, only a few more weeks to go! I'm SO excited for you dude! It's going to be awesome inshA!

ws x x

Newbie! said...

You cant get married, according to most people you are already me! oh hubby dear, breadwinner, companion...hahaha! or an old woman with me, depending on the conversation we are having at the time!

inshaallah, inshaallah, inshaallah.....INSHAALLAH I will be out there with you from may to july. please make dua that i get there, im gonna need it!

by the way, i have started planning summer 2008 - Borneo. check out the imaginative traveller website for it, especialy the gallery!

NM said...

Cow: I have to get used to the sea eh ...hmmm;)Anyho woman you have to join me in alex, what more of an incentive can you need!! where in alex i have no idea will keep you updated inshallah

NM said...

Newbie: I am going to have to abdicate the breadwinner role to you for the next 6 months expect postcards that read "send money" ;)

lots and lots of dua woman am looking forward to my many trips to the airport!

Oh and Borneo looks magical the site describes it as including

"Nature & wildlife, Walking, Trekking & hiking, Canoeing or rafting, Camping"

next summer it is inshallah

and my geography is still undisputes it most certainly in south east asia

Anonymous said...

NM you're a tough cookie those unsuspecting egyptian men won't stand a chance. Good luck and keep blogging. God willing you will have an awesome adventure ahead of you.

Newbie! said...

Here you go - i have double checked it - cairo to Alexandria first class and air con for..........£1!!!!!!!

Have fun reading at work!

NM said...

I am stuck at work doing sunday over but reading that has made it all worth it! the sheer number of trips am earning every hour is making what should be a pain a joy(almost)

i am learning to thrife on this strifing business, i can't wait to spend my hard earned money:) on trips within egpyt;)

NM said...

I finally told work am leaving and they are taking it really well. In fact my boss who is an avid traveller is excited on my behalf.

Compared to my last job am suprised at how easy it is just to pack up and leave ;)