Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stupid people and Power hungry nations.

I have decided there is nothing more annoying then a THICK person and America. This countries adult numercy and literacy rate is shameful especially as education in the UK mandatory till the age of 16! I had to spend 20mintues explaining a bill to a man and for the love of all that is good it was the simplest of subtractions.

The conversation went along the lines of if you take this away from that you get this…there I am expecting a simple agreement when he replies NO!! Excuse me…what…huh. How do you make an individual understand something so fundamental if they simply don’t get it! Silly man. I can understand people being upset if they are right and have been hard done by but when they are plain STUPID and have been billed correctly! They really tick me off Argh

Oh and just to sour my mood exponentially I have just read that America has began an air raid campaign in southern Somalia. All that the so-called president is quoted to have said is , "the US has a right to bombard terrorist suspects who attacked its embassies in Kenya and Tanzania".

So that is okay then! Please America keep bombing us because clearly as Mr Yusuf has already informed the world it is our fault, 27 dead oh well its just collateral after all! ARGHH

I swear my rage problems are not being helped by anything that happens today! I just went to pray (lets face it i needed some relief) so i walk into the room which doubles as a prayer room to only find a brother in there making wudu. He asks me if i want a prayer mat and i need to make wudu. He finished called me and preceeded to take out a prayer and start praying. So not only did he expect me to pray outside (how gentlemanly) but he expected me to make wudu with him about 1/2 a metre away from me...Hello! thick little pooh ever heard of awrah/hijab! like i was going to just roll up my sleeve and pull up my trouser...urgh! am appalled and even angrier then when i went to pray.


The Rendezvous said...

It is good to note how BBC news covered your reaction to the Somalia's conflict

NM said...

Huh! oh my goodness i hope they didn't include the rest of my demented rant. please send me the link...

lostkitty said...

Yeh i'd like to see that BBC report.
Whats happening in Somalia is awful.... the US seem to have the ability to kill and attack whoever they want, whenever and never face any repercussions! How annoying and frustrating!

AND about the bad maths... I'd be one of those who dont get simple maths!!!

luisa said...

BBC cut it up so that you were critical of the conflict without mentioning any global issues (i.e the U.S.'s involvement). I made a half ass post about (it is how i found your blog).... i thought maybe they were taking things that bloggers were saying out of context because the story only links from the page that annouces U.S. bombing...

i am really curious what you think of it:

(Has a link to BBC story)
p.s. i like your blog :)

NM said...

Thanks Luisa...Its fair to say am not impressed with the lack of context in the article but hey!

I especially liked the way my paragraph sounded like the problems in the muslim world were self-made, internal issues not at all exasperated or worse caused by post colonial boarder dispute, natural resource interests..etc …etc and my ultimate favorite the general greed for power and domination.

P.s am humbled that you like my demented ranting and indecision’s;)

Aya said...

Somali politics has had me spinning in rage for about 2 weeks. I am so sick of the 'president' and the monkey stooges around him.

"So not only did he expect me to pray outside....."

Jackass! Chivalry is indeed dead.

NM said...

There used to be a time when people would be highly offended by others invade there country...pathetic

I know Walahi i couldn't believe it! Maybe I shouldn't have been so angry about it later on but...yeah i wasn't impressed!