Thursday, January 18, 2007

Random act

One of the guys whom when I first started took us through an introductory course just walked up to my desk with a wad of paper and said he had a present for me. During that intro course about 10weeks ago he saw me knitting a mitten and asked. Anyho the wad of paper was a host of information on knitting. He said someone left it on his desk and he though I could make use of it. How sweet is that, for someone to remember such passive information from 2months plus ago. I am very pleased with the wad of paper, I tried to thank him by offering him a piece of yummy chrystalised ginger but he declined. No idea why!


The Godfather said...

Right, what's the score with you girls and knitting?......I mean, isn't it bored old ladies who do knitting? And they ALWAYS play in their head when they do knit?

Or am I mistaken?

NM said...

LOL! I will admit the stereotype is just that, but as with everything its what you make it.

Its very relaxing, creative, sociable and you get to enjoy what you have made. What more can you ask for lol, i think you have to achieve grandmother status before they allow you on to that :)

Try it!

The Godfather said...

Woman, have you lost your marbles?!?!?!? Can you even imagine The Godfather knitting?

Forget it, I'd rather play satisfies all that you outlined above.

Grandmother status indeed.

NM said...

That macho non-sense getting in yourway GF! You really shouldn't let society dictate to you in such a way.

From your hats we gathered the impression that you are a bit of a non-comformist...oh how the heart bleeds with disappoinment :)

go on give it a go

lostkitty said...

No No..... The Godfather cant knit. What would make u suggest that NM?!

Men dont have brains!

Let them play football.... they, bless them (wipes a tear away), have more fun that way. And they should have some quality of life, dont you think?!

NM said...

I am convinced if men tried it they would love it (doubt they would be any good at it) but GF and the rest of the brothers can view it as a challenge :)

The Godfather said...

Non-conformist.....that I am; most certainly. Indeed my hat has caused quite the stir....I'm choosing the right occasion to unveil it again. Fantastic accessory!!!!!

You 2 ladies have lost the plot....officialy gone potty.

I am The Godfather, Don Michael Corleone. Do you know who he is?

Here I am trying to taking over the...(scratches head....what is it that I am taking over again?...)....whatever it is, the point is I'm trying to take over something with my sinister, underhanded and Machiavellian ways, and you lot suggest that I knit?!?!?!?!? I don't know...something just doesn't add up.

I tell you what though....I'm a reasonable man; at least I'd like people to think of me as reasonable. Next time we meet, you can teach me. If it tickles my tastebuds, I'll get my Ma to teach me to become the foremost knitting expert.


NM said...


Although as am leaving it might have to be in the summer...i have a long memory for these things thou :)

The Godfather said...

Not to worry; there are some things in life I choose not to forget.

evertheidealist said...

PASSIVE INFORMATION??? no one thinks knitting little hijabi is a passive information. it probably stuck in his head. I miss you and I want you to leave contact details with muna and family.
Godfather what are you on??

The Godfather said...

I never have figured what I'm on, but I know one thing....whatever it is, it's DAMN STRONG!!!!!!

Sleepyhead said...
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warm as toast said...

aww what a sweety pie! post this on my knitblog- it's so cute.. Wow the ginger as well- I'm seeing so much of myself in you my love. It's nice to see that even though we aren't together much we're doing the same stuff at the same time :D xXx

NM said...

LOL! Missing you too woman. ETI are you saying knitting hijabi's stand out?

I don't have any contact details to leave behind yet ;)

GF i think we can all agree Its definately somthing!

Jug, i would if i knew how to, give me sometime to get on top of these things:)

ginger..mmmmmmm...We must meet up before i go.