Thursday, January 11, 2007


For my Precious Evertheidealist...

"We have been dear friends, and now you're going
Far away for many months
But please don't leave me without knowing
How I feel as your time nears.
I know you're older, more mature,wiser
And far beyond me in so many ways.
But there's between us something pure by Allah’s grace.
That has given me these beautiful days and memories
I thank you for the joy, for the care for the warmth of your laughter
That your sweet friendship's brought to me.
Think of this poem as an embrace
That says, "I love you" Our reunion I await my precious friend

I am sure anyone who knows Evertheidealist will agree she is truely a blessing to all those who know her. The Emirates will have you for a while but know that Manchester mourns your parting and awaits with an eager heart your return.


Flower_Girl said...

Assalaamo aleykom sister, I found out about your blog via somali blogs via I think :S, it was a while ago). Anyway, everything that is Somali interested me, because I'm one myself. Your blog's name attracted me at somaliblogs, because it somehow reflected myself.

Enough about that, I find your words very wise. I'm proud to be having such sisters, with such mature look at the world. I agreed with your post 'a dying world', I was nodding all the time while reading :P.

If you want to know, I don't live that far from you. I'm from the Netherlands, that little country next to the UK :D.

Keep up the good work! I hope a lot of people read your posts and become wiser.

I don't have a 'blog' like blogger or something, but feel free to visit my website(just click my nickname).

I bookmarked your blog, so I'll come by in the future insha Allah.

Wa aleykomo salaam.


"I am sure anyone who knows Evertheidealist will agree she is truely a blessing to all those who know her. The Emirates will have you for a while but know that Manchester mourns your parting and awaits with an eager heart your return."

I could not have said it better NM...this was a beaatiful tribute that hit the nail on the head.

Idealist is a special friend whom I will miss, especially her kind ever smiling face. If you are reading this idealist....I luv ya woman!! May Allah keep you with us always....ameen

NM said...

Wasalam flower-girl

I really don’t know what to say expect am humbled that you like my words…I went to visit your website and for a about a minute I thought the text was in Somali, I almost panicked because I didn’t understand any of it. Till I saw a tiny little union jack which low and behold after a click transformed everything into English! Excellent ( in a Wayne’s world voice).

Jazakallah khayr my sis. Keep in touch

If your ever in the neighbourhood my mum makes delicious food:)


simply put

we love you x x x

The Rendezvous said...

The Words, The poems, The essays say it all.

But who is the beloved EverIdealist?

NM said...

refer to :)

Anonymous said...

i love you amina and i hope you have some time to relax after all them shifts you did, but you do desrve it ma and im thankful for everything you've done for me.

1MONTH MAN!!!! thats tooo much..but they do say abscence makes the heart grow fonder.

ps.give a kiss to adam for me please....i'll miss you!

flower_Girl said...

@ nm:

Haha, did you really think that? I don't think it resembles Somali. I can read it, but don't understand more than the daily-talk words. So if I hear Somali news on the radio or read it on the internet, I'm lucky to understand 30 % of it. It is truly a shame, I know :(.. please hit me or something.

I'm determined to speak arabic and somali fluently in the future insha Allah!

And then I am gonna teach you, hehe... and eat your mum's delicious food as a compensation :P.

I'm sorry for being off-bloggic...

Wa aleykomo salaam.

DPSaad said...

well NM you have really made me feel special. Really though it should be us mourning you as you are going away for longer. I am going to miss you and your wonderful words and your funky thinking brain very much. I'll be rin. ging your sis when I land in Abu Dhabi and I am gonna keep blogging iA.

To all the girls. I LOVE YOU TOO...
(it's ETI butthe computer would not let me sign in my name-hate gmail!!!)
Aisha? if it is you thats anonymous then I will give Adam a kiss from you. See you all soon iA XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

NM said...

Flower-girl. It really is a shame my somali is appalling i am sure i have the reading age and liguistic ability of a 5year!

I have every intention to sort this out...but right now arabic comes firs then somali and then at some point inshallah spanish and am done ;)

NM said...

DPsaad...Lol, the alter ego your taking to the Emirates eh?! x

Ihsaan-the struggle said...

Salaamu aleykum sis...

Jazaak allaah khair for the visit & maasha'allah like your blog... your post about the little toe :D made me laugh

Wasalaamu aleykum

Anonymous said...

salaam ETI!

one of the most beautiful things about you is your smile. i love the way it lights up your face and the whole room!
it is the thing i picture when i imgagine you!

will miss it a lot, look after yourself and have a brilliant time! safe travelling sis!

(nm - love your poem. another talent to add to the list.....when can i begin my list? lol!)



flower_girl said...


You're not the only I see... my parents keep nagging about that to me and my brothers en sister. But then I say it's their fault, they should teach us the language, since we haven't lived in Somalia for more then ten years and grew up as little children in this country.

But gair insha Allah ;). If you have the will, then there is a way. Maybe we should register at a somali forum, where they only talk somali or something like that :P.

Wa aleykomo salaam.

Ever The Idealist said...

hey sweetie. its logged me in - don't hate gamil so much now.
you like my alter ego? i thought it appropriate for the muslims here!!! i miss you soo much and give aisha a kiss and hug for me please. ring my other sis an tell her i am doing realy well. i love it here and the jobs look good. i might come back and work here. see you soon ia

NM said...

Yay!! you got the hang of it, took me awhile as well.

one thing am still puzzled about though, why was your alter ego a man? Saad wasn't it ;)

Your certainly been missed too sweetie, i will get on to passing your hugs and massages via text now!

:( We WANT you to come back ETI but khayr eh!? sob sob