Thursday, December 14, 2006

Little toe

Too weeks of being on the early shift at work are finally starting to take its toll, especially as am making up for two weeks of doing the late shift, effectively meaning that I have not seen anyone other then those brave enough to drop by at my house. So for the past week and half I have been making up for the lack of social life, burning the candle at both ends as such.

Bearing in mind that I am incredibly tired, I made arrangements to meets Newbie and Liz yesterday but first maghrib was due so we made arrangements to meet at the MYF. I got to the myf bone tired, met Whitey’s dad on the way had a bit of a chat then made my way to the ladies area as isha was approaching.

I pulled of my boots, practically fell onto to the door which is incredibly heavy and while I was pulling on it I whacked by little toe. Which was incredibly painful so I screamed (how undignified), pulled the door and fell into the room, clutching my sock clad foot, hopping on one leg, pulling faces contoured with pain. And all this unwarranted exercise along with my 3jumpers of varying thickness made me feel hot so I started pulling of my coat and jumpers discarding them all over the floor till I could breathe.

Then I went to the wudu area, made wudu and prayed a very slow maghrib because I was so tired to only finish praying then realise by bag and clothes where on the other side of the room. It was an utter mess yet I really just didn’t have the energy to get up and collect them. I didn’t want poor unsuspecting woman walking into the room with my mess all over the floor. I was torn as to what to do and in the end I could only muster up enough energy to crawl across. So I collected a jumper and then carried on crawling to pick up my bag and the rest of my unassorted items. I got a hold of my bag only in mid crawl to realise that I had absolutely forgotten about the cctv camera in the room!

Oh my lord, I froze, I know the brothers who work in the MYF, and one of them is married of my friend!!! All I could think of was what did they see? What did they see? Oh god very slow version of my demented antics I must have temporally lost the ability to reason because instead of getting up composing myself and walking away I crawled backwards! Why? Walahi I don’t know I think somewhere in my beleaguered mind I must have though if I did it backwards I could have reverse the days events! How can I ever return?!


Anonymous said...

U need to take it easy.....we dnt wnat collapsing out of exhaustion.....aight?
By the was a pleasure to see your beautiful face after so in a way I am thankful for you burning the candles on both ends for our sake...but I still want you to take it easy ok

That said...a vision of you becoming aware of the camera and crawling backwards is just too funny...looool.I can picture it so vividly....I love you for such moments...and more :)

How do go back to the myf? Is that what you are asking? Like nothing out of the ordinary happened ofcourse :D

white african said...

thank you for being you my sis, it was funny hearing you telling this and funnier still reading it.

you wouldnt be you if these things done happen, welcome to club sis...

NM said...

Thank you ladies...It has been fantastic spending time with you guys again, This smelly job is preparing me for life on my own :( at least there is a plus, am not likely to cry myself to sleep now although i probably will for the first few days

Having enquired about how i would return to the myf...i returned last night, i had to pray maghrib and it needed to be done!

However i did avoid all the brothers, am hoping to god no one watched the footage but if they have am on lates for the next two weeks so inshallah that will give then time to forget

if not leaving the continent should help.

oh the shame!

Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell Sis!!

Anonymous said...

i think i'll give a miss imagining u carwling on ur knees. But more importanly surely brothers do not have access to the CCTV in ladies' section .. tats not on is it! ... admittly i would not mind being the the guy in charge of security in tat case ... one could play a bit wifey spotting game.

NM said...

thanks! a few things have gone missing in the ladies area so its understandible. It used to be a chill out area but with the cctv camera its not anymore...which wouldn't really aid your wifey spotting at all.

Anonymous said...

Poor, poor you! hiding out for a couple of months is an excellent idea!

Anonymous said...

Are you looking for a wifey? I am sure there are other ways to look for one!

NM said...


tails of a mad cow said...

ahahahahaa rofl rofl rofl!


mwah x x