Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thus far

Its been awhile and a lot has happened I have been so busy though that I really just couldn’t bring myself to blog so here is another general update in a somewhat chronological order.

1) I made it to Cairo a day late to pick up the girls and bring them to the flat, I booked them a 2rooms in a hotel called the Berlin hotel in Cairo listed in my rough guide which is a tad old I guess because according to the girls it’s an utter dump. They said it made our flat look like a palace oops!

2) They had raised a total of 10,000 LE for the orphanage project at Risala. I set up a meeting with the orphanage projects designated donations collector at the time I was teaching so I missed the look on his face but I guess he was elated for the children.

3) I am officially teaching English to a group of students, I have a soft. Low voice and I kept being asked to raise my voice, my handwriting has gone down the tube, I found myself trying to explain things in Arabic, and the students spoke to each other in Arabic alots so I had to implement a no Arabic inside the class room rule, looks like sara’s teaching habits are rubbing of ! They want me concentrate on pronunciation so by the time I leave am going to leave behind a bunch of northern accented Egyptians.I have yet to start my conversational Arabic classes with a girl called Iven (strange name I know)

4) The banker and I spent the whole of Tuesday together as quality time, since we both hate shopping instead of completing our shopping list we spent most of the day in food outlets, sipping tea. She left her bag in the food court of san Stefano and only remembered when we were in the taxi. We asked the security guide and he asked us to describe it and then just pulled it out from a box behind him. This then made the banker feel like she needed another break so we discovered a Cilantro just at the bottom of the stairs, walked in and oh my lord I was home! They had a massive circular bookshelf in the middle of the store, I saw 2boys with books sprawled all over their table and a man on his laptop, they have wifi and the most amazing mocha’s. Guess were I am going to be studying now! I had so missed café life

5) I have taken up Ahadith and when Sara put me straight on to level two i felt rather panicky and was I right! It’s hard-core Arabic non of this level two Arabic which I am on now, they know am almost illiterate and all the vocabulary caters for that while in Ahadith....oh boy. The first hadith in the book was that in which Omar ibn aby salamah is taught my the prophet (saw) that we should start eating with Bismillah , eat from the portion of food nearest to us and with out right hand. Sara wants to explain the hadith in Arabic in tomorrow’s lesson; I can really see that happening.

6) My remaining house mate is leaving on the 12th of April, which officially means I am going to have a 3bedroom flat to my little self, unless I move to Qortoba accommodation and share with 2 German/Romanian girls who are looking into Islam ( no pressure there then)

7) My sister and the Twins have officially left and the house is soooo much quieter now! Almost eerie. Its difficult to comprehend how 2weeks can pass so quickly.There is nothing quite like seeing family again, I really miss my bunch, makes you realise just how much you love them.
8) Oh and i went to my first Egyptian engagment and i was even able to upload the pictures!!!


white african said...

saaaaaaaaaaaaaalam nm, glad you posted, i was going to catch the first flight to egypt, knock on your door, and say to you 'girl we miss your blog entries' and if you where out then i would have left you a letter.

its so cool how your learning ahadith, its a dream of mine to do that, i expect lessons when you get back :)

Anonymous said...


Good to see u progressing well in many areas and that u giving something back to the community.

P.S nice pic. can i pick and choos.

NM said...

wasalam, Dang whitey had i known i wouldn't have updated :(

I know see the wisdom of offereing Ahadith to student on or above level 4:( but whatever i will just plough along and khayr inshallah.

Teaach you, well so far i know one hadith i will certainly share that with you :)

everytime i read out loud qala rasulullah i get goosebumps...

Dee nooh, you got to try and get involved with the your community where ever it maybe.

Hardly anyone in the picture is single but if your in the market for marriage spend a few days with an egyptian family, they are the most resource people in this area.

md said...

awwww!back to having the flat to yuor little old self? i think you should go live the european girls, it'll be great dawah to meet you

Firefly said...

Hello Naima!

Thanks for the update...sounds like everything is going well.
Nice pic.

weary tribal nomad said...

nooomaaaaa arghh!! woman i feel as if this blog is my only remaining link to you?? and in your honour, i decided to blog...:D love you sis!!?!?!

NM said...

Alhamdulilah all is honky dory:)I am just wrestling with actually speaking arabic...darn language.

I have just realised how SIMPLE the english language is! Any one who's english is there mother tongue but hasn't grasped it yet should be ashamed!

you have no excuse

NM said...

Weary, thats because it really is our only link, well other then msn till you guys come over inshallah

Flower.of.Chaos said...

Naima, are you in the pic? If so, which one are you? It must either be glaringly obvious for no1 has asked!

NM said...

Flowe of choas, I am the speci :)