Friday, June 22, 2007

General update

By god its getting hot now! although i can't complain too much its topping up on my tan like nothing i have ever seen. For the first time a few days ago someone asked me if i was Aswani :) that fulfilled on my long sought after ambitions here in egypt!

i have 5 more days before i complete my level 3 and then start travelling around egypt with 8 girls including me. How these trips get so big i have no idea but since i now know its extortionate to go with a tour company i have take it on my self and sarah to lead this tour.

i have been planning the itinerary, the hotels and a flight from aswan to cairo so inshallah its should be smooth but if its not then its part of the experience.

I know its premature and am not home yet but i have been trying to evaluate the crazy girl who came to egypt not knowing a soul to the woman who is now leaving! some of the changes are obvious and am aware of but some i guess only time and the people who know me well will tell.

But taking on this tour is one of the many changes that has taken place. I would never have taken on such a task before but know that i have developed a no nonsense attitute am not actually apprehensive about the possibilities.

All in all am looking forward to just partying with the girls level 3 has been hard on me and incredibly intense so letting loose and just sipping minute tea sounds wonderful.


Ever The Idealist said...

Enjoy iy lovely cause i will keep you busy once you get back eh. love you woman

Firefly said...

Good to hear from you, luv. I can't believe you are getting ready to leave! Has it really been six months? Goodness me.

Have fun, Naima.

Native said... Idealist said, enjoy yourself coz when you get back you sure will be busy :D

Glad you coming back soon coz when I start school we wont have much time together so we need to make the most of the summer inshaAllah :)

Much luv sis

white african said...

mashallah hun, walahi i am so proud of you, each time some one asks about you i always say proudly 'our nm is in egypt studying mashallah' :)

ok enough of the softness, have a blast with th egurls and keep an eye on that weary we dont want her offending the egyptians with her 'walk like an egyptian' thing, you wll know what i mean once the dudette gets there :)

Aya said...


Wow, what a time to travel through Egypt!! You'll pass through 2 or 3 circles of hell from the heat but I'm sure you'll have a blast. Have a fantastic time and I look forward to reading more of your travels.

NM said...

ETI: you and mari are scaring me. she called today and "informed me" that i could have 4 hours sleep after i land in manchester but after that i had to get to your mum's house as i have a lot to do....

Firefly: walahi i can't believe it too!! its crazy.

Native: am looking forward to just meeting up with no purpose or just popping over for some of your mum's tea and teasing little zacky!! ahh bliss

NM said...

Whitey: aahhh habibity! thats sweet my love. the goodness weary is going to get me into so many arguments that am not linguistly equiped to deal with...therein lies the humour.
can't wait for the crazy bunch to arrive inshallah

Aya: walahi i know aya am in alex one of the coolest places and am dying! such a fake african but by the end of this crazy trip i will have earned my african wings:)