Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How to earn less but feel much richer

This morning I was reading an article in the independent called “how to earn less but feel much richer” At the end of my stay in Egypt I had already decided to study further and I was wrestling with the choice between 2 courses. One would almost guarantee a job and a very healthy annual salary the other would cost me more to study whilst offering less job security but a greater potential for personal growth.

Ultimately it because a choice between idealism and reality until I realised that a major part of reality is living and if the option is there we should always choose the option which is more likely to enrich our lives as a whole and not just financially. Happiness and a satisfied soul should come above financial gain. So after the istikhara I made my choice. Counselling it is.

My dearest friend graduated this year and instead of making the most out of her degree financially speaking she has chosen to take a job with Islamic relief which will mean that she will be struggling financially but the elusive satisfied soul that we are all in search of will be attainable more readily here.

So when I read this article about people giving up there high-powered jobs for jobs which would get them out of the rat race and read their experiences it made me think is this the beginning of a trend? Is the 20plus generation looking for more then just a healthy bank balance or is it as symptom of this society ills. I read somewhere earlier on this year that by 2020 the second biggest killer in the western world will be depression. Maybe we are starting to recognise that there is more to happiness then the values championed by capitalism.


Aya said...

Congratulations, walaal. There has to be more to life than the rat race and counselling is a wonderful profession. If you can make a good living doing something you enjoy, lots of money and stress will do nothing but erode your soul and health. I pray that you find in it what you seek.

Native said...

Good on you sis!
You know my thoughts on this issue very well....we have talked about it several times.
Counselling is your thing.....go forth and enrich peoples lives. plus I will be needing some1 to lend me a professional ear in the near future lol. I expect nothing less than subsidised costs lol....dont can call on me in 10yrs time (inshaAllah) for any medical worries :)
Much luv sweety

Anonymous said...

Ramadan kareerm and Eid mubarak my dear aunty? am sure u will be great asset for the whole society specailly for our ppl
(SOMALIS).... let me no1 to be consulted,lol. am happy for u, keep in touch. issaq

NM said...

aww Aya thats lovely, shukran sweetness exactly my thinking at present. ameen

Native lol: go forth eh well i know who to come and see when i have doubts;)

issaq, crap can i just apologise for being such a terrible auntie and ask you to give the family my salaam and love.

Abu-Bakar said...

last time i checked counsiling is a big-earner, so i guess u can compine both, havin a career tat may make a big difference to people lives' and still bringing few bobs home. anywho if u find surpless money than feel free to deposit in me account.

Lady_WildKat said...

i'm as deep as a frying pan, love the money, relish the rat race, feel like im on top of the world when the pressure is on...go figure, i'm odd, but jeez i'm all for the money, want the beemer, the house, the hols, the dosh, i want it ALL...MWAH HA HA HA [ EVIL LAUGH]....OKAY i may need some counselling, ......nah im all good. everyone is different, you do the eco warrior thing i'l be the blade in a suit!
and by the way i have 3 numbers for you none of which work, Muna number rings out and i cant get any1 at home...where are you these days? i will beat you up if i dont see you soon enough! love ya mwah!

NM said...

lol! i lost my phone well phones since i have been back, working full time and studying takes away so much of your pleasure time ;)

Big forehead said...

Why do Somalis consider naiveté (daacad) as an attractive character trait ?

NM said...

I am not sure why the reference is to Somali people here! As peoples attitudes and opinions is not solely defined by there race