Wednesday, October 31, 2007


My older sister just sent me a text to say that she has finally booked her ticket to Dubai as she is relocating! Who does these things? just ups and leaves everyone and everything to work and live in a different continent because you fancy a change . Honestly this is what happens when parents give their children too much freedom.

Its only finally starting to register that i will be losing my older sister! We have always been incredibly close although there is a 5 year gap, she has always looked after me emotionally and financially am sure over half of the things i actually own she has paid for at one time or the other. I don't need her financially anymore but how do i replace the emotional support, there is nothing quiet liking discussing something with an older sister for a different respective!

I am finally going to have my own bedroom since ifrah has gone to university and muna is relocating. I can't believe i ever thought having my own room would be great! Who will listen to my nightly pondering, its going to be just me, my lamp and a book how sad

Subhanallah this is already difficult and emotional its going to be like when ifrah (my younger sister) went to university but at least we knew she would return every other weekend. I am going to have to book a ticket to Dubai for Easter now just so that i KNOW when i will see her again. Why do siblings grow up and decided to make their own way in life


Native said...

I feel your pain Naima.....well sorta.
I'm gonna so miss Muna.....and your room will be so wierd with just you!

I still haven't registered that she is going.
And yea....who ups and leaves to another country.....just like that?

May she find what is kheyr 4 her....ameen

2007 has been an emotional rollercoaster, don't you think? May Alah grant us what is kheyr for the remaining months....ameen

InshaAllah kheyr walaal

NM said...

I don't think many have registered she is going, she doesn't really talk about it the little weirdo ;)

Subanallah i can't remember the last time soooo much has taken place in a single year and we still have 2months left...

change, change,change seems to be the slogan for 2007.

Inshallah khayr

Anonymous said...

Its always difficult when older sisters move on

The Rendezvous said...


Long time.I came across this article.Is your sis now in Dubai?

It is a bit cool for us in Dubai this time of the year and the weather is just perfect.

Guess our Kenya is "gone...been with news of late?