Friday, March 14, 2008

Hermit no more

After what can loosely be termed as advice (or realistically as threats of violent bodily harm) if I don’t start blogging again. I have taken my virtual quill and parchments and started writing (if it can even be called that). Gosh were to start, well its been over 8months since I returned from Egypt. I have turned 24(yesterday actually).

I am enjoying my counselling course very much although it has turned me into a hermit and taken over my social life. I am still mourning the loss of the myf circles on Tuesday my spiritual and social hub…Its an utter killer.

I am getting married on the 19th of July to a friends brother and yes he is Somali, my fathers sense of relieve is soo obvious. Other then that really am not sure what else is happening except I have been told for someone who only has 3plus months left until the big day (what an odd title anyway) that am freakishly calm. I don’t see anything to get stressed about as of yet. Although things might change closer to the date although I feel in control so I doubt that.

I have taken to being a full time specy, I can’t seem to switch back to contacts although eventfully am sure I will break them and then go back to sticking bits of jelly like plastic in my eyes every morning.

That’s it jolly good people I am however looking forward to reading all your blogs and catching up on everyone’s lives


Anonymous said...


Whats also freaky is how you refer to the future hubby as 'your friend's brother'. It sounds a bit strange... like you dont know him. Please tell me it isnt so!

BTW, good to see you writing! I've actually wondered what happened to you! good to know you're well..



lol @ 'friend's brother'. You make me laugh.
FOC...don't worry. She knows him, right Naima?

Why cool, chill. Hope this doesn't mean that you go into panic overload on the day though lol

BTW....I can imagine your daddy's sense of relief that the brother is Somali lol

Glad you blogged sis....missed reading you. Keep blogging

Happy belated B'day
luv ya

white african said...

well well well look who is back, woman dont do it again other wise i will kidnap sana, and hold him ransom until you write again.

so dudette my advice stay calm, i have less than 3 weeks and im relatively calm (i think) th eminuet you panic, most certainly the men in white coats will make an appearance, so dont think, my advice is dont think.

also the last month b4 the wedding, hibernate away from every one including family, it will do yoiu the world of good, trust me.

the last 3 weeks you will encounter countless family arguments over the most mundane things like the colour of the confetti, so hun stay the way you are and dont listen to peoples advice lol.

ok, breath sondes breath....

NM said...

lol FOC, It Call him that to tease him, Native and whitey am sooo calm right now and just enjoying things, doing stuff like booking the venue, the honeymoon, looking for the dress, i feel like am on top of it no stressing!

Whitey walahi sounds like sound advice, keep away from all of them when they start to loose their heads lol

Lonesome Dreamer said...

Congrats Naima...That's good news to hear and a good excuse of your absence :P Tell how the big day went when you get the time, inshallah.

Just don't drop off the face of the earth like Ever when u get married...come back once in a while and say hi :D

Abdurahman said...

Congurats sis on both turning 24 and your imminent marriage.

blackstone said...

lol congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Mabruuk NM. good to see you bloggin again!

Hijabi Apprentice said...


Anonymous said...

congratulations naima. busy woman, i have been trying to get in touch with you for such a long time now but to no avail! im so happy for you and i cant believe it at the same time! May Allah place love and mercy in your hearts for one another place barakah in your marriage and keep you happy. i was just thinking about our uni days and how much things have changed, it was such a fun and stressful glad we're friends. love you. Umm Hasan. keep me in your duas x.

NM said...

aww thanks guys, for such a huge life decision am not feeling anxious or scared in anyway i guess it helps when you know he is the right guy (enough of that soppiness)

And Umm Hasan walahi wait till i get a car and then i can clasp eyes on little Hasan again. AWWW ameen by love ameen

am very glad we're friends too despite the lack of handing out time..clearly someting we need to work on.

Muslimah said...

Glad to see you blogging again and definately glad to hear about your upcoming wedding...

Aya said...

Naima, very good to read for you again, hon, and a big congrats on your upcoming big day.

The Rendezvous said...

Hey sister,

It has been long and Congrats.I was over to check the latest.

But did you just say 19th of July?

Which year?