Friday, February 10, 2006

Ask and thou shall receive (inshallah)

Remember my rather plausible but ultimately cheeky email to the leading partners at my work place (Refer to blog “woohoo”) well it paid off and I have been added to an on-going gender workshop which spans over 5 countries and involves 4 different transnational trips. Alhamdulilah Alhamdulilah Alhamdulilaaahaaaa, I feel a Native deen nasheed coming!

Any way yours truly is re-presenting the UK and as part of the first workshop I went to Italy (Livorno in Tuscany) in January. The remaining 3 transnationals look like this

Country City Month
Hungary Budapest June (2006)
Czech Republic Prague October (2006)
Belgium Brussels February (2007)

Also I am off to Bosnia in April for a 3 ½ days European Muslim youth conference and then in August for the actual conference which is scheduled for 10days (10-20th ).

The way things are going it looks like my blog will be dedicated to bus incidents and European cities. Can’t complain.. Fantastic gap year this is turning into I just need to learn to priorities inshallah

I am going to look up some self-help books or raid my bosses never ending library.


wolf-snaggle-tooth said...

You are representing the U.K....
Or are you just in it for your own self gain..
You need to read the Quran A little bit more..
Travel is great fun & all that & i dont disrespect you for that..
but you represent the U,K is a masive statement.. & i think you should really be saying I'm representing my own intrest's..

The U.K is a big little country with Many religions within.. you can not possibly represent A land mass or any one other than yourself..

MD said...

okay who are you? and what do you want you sour-puss!

fudgebumpkin said...

Hey, that's a mean comment wolf snaggle tooth. It's true no individual can represent an entire nation. so if not one person can, what's wrong with Naima doing it if ultimately someone has to.

You can do the best for your country and still appreciate the experience for its own sake!

NM said...

wolf-snaggle-tooth am recommending a chill pill ( nothing haram or illegal but sommmmethinnnng bro/sis)

Anonymous said...

A.A ppl, as a visible muslim woman who travels often to Europe on business representing a internatioanlly recognised and global brand i can safely say i represent the UK part of the company well. I been abroad 8 times in the past 5 months to 7 different countries, 12 cities, spanning Australia to Wales. So to my darling NM good on ya! who ever says you cant combine business, travel and pleasure needs to talk to us!

Chat laters
Love ya

P.S check you trying too beat me on the airmiles!

Anonymous said...

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