Thursday, February 23, 2006


I need to be here again ( EGYPT, the Nile seems like it was so long ago and not last august, oh how i miss thee)

I haven’t posted anything for a while and the sad truth is that’s not because of the lack of material but because of the lack of time. I work 3days a week and have a 4days weekend yet I seem to have no time. It’s not helped that my internet provider is having line issue and I can’t access the web from home.

I seem to be doing 20 different things all in one go all the time, but none of them are things that I can tick of my never ending to do list. I am drowning in lists, ever growing ones

I feel that I might be losing the barak (blessing) in my time, I hope not. I obviously need time out (preferably locked in my room) to sift through all that needs doing!!!! I need to learn to say NO and priorities. Do the things that matter i.e. spend quality time with the family, visit the sick, adopt an orphan, the things that bring us closer to Allah and make us feel useful.

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