Thursday, May 10, 2007

kitchens and accidents

So there I am exploring my culinary skills!....okay I was making beef stir-fry from my beginners cook book but it was the first time I marinated anything so leaving the beef in a concoction to marinate was a colossal achievement. 30 minutes later I completed the stir-fry and saying Its scrumptious is an apt description. This explains why at the point of my little accident I was skipping around my tiny kitchen putting things away.

I retrieved a plate from a cabinet and went to the sink to run some water over it while singing along to cat stevens “oh very young” in a tone deaf, rhythmically challenged, no one should ever be subjected to kind of voice when the plate slipped out of my hand fell on the edge of the sink and slit my wrist opened (or so it felt like at the time)

After staring at my wrist for a life time I had to turn down the rice I had boiling, try and shove a top over my head and don a hijab all with one hand whilst trying to stop the bleeding with a bit of paper towel, put some shoes on, grab my keys and purse and went to the pharmacy downstairs.

Only to be met by a lady on the phone who seems content for me to bleed all over her counter while she conducted her very lively and amusing conversation. By the time I was ready to break the glass on her counter and grab some plasters myself she turns around to me with a beaming smile and asks me what I wanted, Arggh so short of assaulting her I showed her my gaping wound and she looked at it in that nonchalant Egyptian ma-lesh kind of way. Which made me want to throttle her, she then offered me the only size plasters she had which were ridiculously small for the size of my injury. I also had to grab so cleaning solution and some cotton wool which I was informed was 100% Egyptian cotton, at this point who cares am about to lose a limp.

So I come up find that my rice is surprising cooked and the plasters she gave me actually fit my wound while the 100% Egyptian cotton felt rather nice. Ah well ….


Ever The Idealist said...

Oh hun. I hope it wasn't as big as I am imagining!!!
I hope it heals fast IA. I cant wait till I can use (use yeah) your new founds cooking skills to my advantage.

I am getting a new kitchen in few weeks IA so it shall be ready for you...

The Godfather said...

At least it was a happy ending!!!

Native said... idealist I was imagining something bad. Hope it heals soon inshaAllah. Be careful in the kitchen sis...

As GF said....atleast it was a happy ending

white african said...

what colour was your blood?

did she charge you for bleeding all over her counter?

what colour was the plaster, does it go with your skin tone?

ha ha ha ha ha,

inshllah your fine, just think if it scars it will be a memory for you every time you look at your wrist plus think of it as trophy injuries for your cooking skills.

see life is cool....

NM said...

The funniest thing is now when i joke about sliting my wrist i will actually have a scare there so stranger will wonder if am actually a self-harmer ...mwhaa

NM said...

Wow a lot of question there whity.

well my blood as darker then i would have imagined those iron supplements are clearly working

As much as i wanted to, i didn't bleed all over her counter although she deserved it am sure.

The plaster was darker then my tan...darn it :)

anymore questions ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh! habaryar, am realy sorry to read you cut yr self with broken plate, u remember same happened to me 2 yrs ago, thought i wasn't cooking thnz to my mum and sizs who did the honours, lol, anywayz
i have this idea, what do u think taking part Gordon Ramsy cooking competition? don't sing while cooking instead say the TAKBIRS.
WHO is cat stevens? do U mean YUSSUF ISLAM? hahah, only joking

lostkitty said...

missing u!!!