Monday, July 30, 2007

2 weeks on

I have been back in my own room, sleeping in my own bed, eating my mummys food, socialising with friends i have not seen for a long time and ones who came to Egypt, Evertheidealist wedding came and went. I am supposed to be job haunting but honestly i have not yet activiely tried am too busy enjoying the rain in manchester there is such a thing as getting too much sun.

To add to it all i have been having a long-term sleep over with newbie in my room as her manchester home is being renovated by the land-lord. Shukri had a girlie party on saturday, and i have another party to go to in two weeks time. Any excuse for food, music and all girlie fun.It it really any wonder that i have not been job haunting.

For the first time ever in one of these bring a dish parties i actually cooked and didn't just pop to a supermarket an hour or two before. I was so proud ;)

This weekend am going to sheffield to visit family. I am really looking forward to that. Eventually i will have to get on with some reading for the up coming counselling career!


Aya said...

NM, will you be counselling adults or children?

NM said...

Aya i have no idea, i have started looking into different volunteering roles hopefully this will give me an idea into where my strengths are...wish me luck.

Aya said...

Good luck, walaal! Hope you'll find a suitable demographic that will grab your interest.

Lady_WildKat said...

ur probably gonna counsel ppls pets huh?
cant believe u missed out getting 'sareed' up to the nth degree

call me when ur back from hills to hook up and get the low down on ur life
laters sugar plum!

NM said...

an opportunity to wear a sari, can't believe i missed it eh.

Sister in Islam said...

Assalamu Alykum

How did you enjoy?

Looks like your getting back to the swing of things...

Take care Insha'Allah