Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I object

On my way back from work I bumped into a friend of a friend (LL) and we started talking as we walked towards the bus stop.

I can’t remember much of what we talked about I had a massive portion of chicken Biryani for lunch and was feeling rather sleepy. That was till we somehow got to, how she recently saw one of her best friend that she had not seen for awhile, because she got married and I quote

“Her husband was a little strict and wouldn’t let her see her friends” unquote.

I must have pulled a face of shock or utter disbelieve or maybe it was a twitch but either way I was quickly informed.

“ She was a free spirit before! But once you get married that is it”

By now I must have been twitching uncontrollably because LL looked really worried and proceeded to jubilantly tell me, that her friend remained patient and alhamdullah she is able to see SOME of her friends again!

At this point I am wide awake and I had a few thoughts going through my ahead, such as

1) Why did he marry a strong willed women and then proceed to break her spirit?
2) Would it not have been easier for him to marry a tame woman in the first place?
3) Is he in fact a sadist?
4) Was he bullied as a child for not being Manly enough?
5) Why not just choose women who are running short on the friends department?

What nonsense is this? I hope for the sister concerned he was worth the sacrifice?

How insulting that after he has chosen you and you have chosen him he decides he doesn’t like your friends although the prophet (saw) said if you want to know a person look at their friends? What is he trying to say? He doesn’t like you or worse some bits of you are fine but the rest need to be radically changed? The audacity?

And brothers complain that women try to change them after marriage!! Well am citing this as an example of brothers trying to change sisters!

Once again am tempted to call the brother a LOSER but I shall refrain and continue with the 70 excuses only 65 to go eh?


MD said...

WHAT A SKUNK........aaaaaah I feel much better already

Sleepyhead said...

subhanallah i hope that sis works that out. Zero tolerance on clear crap(oxymoron i know)- that's the way it's gotta be. No letting a guy hit you ever- and no unwilling sacrifice of a social life. I understand some women make their home and husband the focus of their life- sure, that's up to them. But a GUY telling you not to visit friends? What?? That's not a right!

ps love. I'm reading your blog retro-actively. Looks like quality material- so I have something to do online again :)