Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Salam ppl ( a greating of peace used by us Moselms a.ka Muslims )

my first ever blog!!

okay I am a little excited, i like getting to grips with new things and any day now the world of blogging wont just sound like a laymans term for some terrible viral desease.

A little about myself then......erm..... oh i graudated may of this year and was really lucky to get a cool job...basically I am working on a women's project funded by the ESF, which means i get to go to European countries on BUSINESS, lol free mini breaks moro like, my first transnational trip was to Belgium strange ppl but very friendly and the CHOCOLATE my God, May God bless the chocolatiers!!)

anyway i found out my project which comes under youth only had the one trip!!! Imagine my horror when i heard this, i was almost heart broken so i did a little Investigating and found out that the other partnership disability and health has 4 trips to destination like Italy and France, so I sent this email to the head dude.

I must mention in my defence that this is highly plausible

"Hi Bob
Hope this finds you in the best of health
Just wanted to let you know that my project may need to be linked with both the Urban youth and Employment partnerships as the preliminary work and general info gathering is pointing towards the women choosing something health related i.e. a health centre or something of that nature.

I got this reply

"Hi Naima
You mean you fancy more trips?
Anyway, we are booking for the trip at the moment - this is the initial meeting and we're booked up with the disability-related partners currently. However, don't despair, there will be plenty of opportunity to join various study groups on various issues over the next 2 years, and you are welcome to join any of those. I will keep you informed as to the progress
Hope everything is good with you.
Best regards"

And in Ramadan as well, what was i thinking ( oh yeah the free trip to france)

i really should go now am at work but i have the to go to present the children's show on the local community radio at 3pm


peace out (Wasalam)


MD said...

well done dude
love your style

NM said...

lol. you found me.. can u believe how easily he saw through my words.. tut tut