Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I was browsing through Maryram duale’s blog titled “The Bus” when I remember this situation:

MM and I where on the 111 bus, when the bus was about to stop at our bus stop MM saw a women she thought she recognized and when we stood up to get off, she walked over to this women eagerly (anticipating the greeting) when MM stroked this women’s arm to gain her attention, which she most certainly did.

When the women turned around she wasn’t MM’s friend in fact MM had no idea who this women was!!

Of course I had to intercede, but I couldn’t resist (only human after all) I turned to the women, gave her an apologetic smile. Grabbed MM’s arm and marched her off saying (loudly enough for half the bus to hear)

“M why haven’t you take your medication again…You know what the doctor said?!

I turned around to see the women MM had stroked, holding her arm and looking rather scared!!

MM looked at me shocked and kept mumbling over and over again in Somali that she was SO embarrassed her legs were failing her and she couldn’t walk!

wadnihii baa' i gaririya,ma soconikaro,shaki baa' igalay;laabati baa' istaagtay

It’s fair to say that it was one of the funniest moments of my life but MM didn’t see it that way she still remembers the look on the women’s face (Classic)…To this day when she remembers she threatens to get me back but hasn’t managed to do so!!

I am still waiting MM

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