Monday, July 03, 2006

A friday in Hungary

One of the Italian partners had a call from Italy informing him that his mother in law and father were both ill (bless him) so they had to leave early on the second day which meant that our Friday meeting was caught short to about 12pm instead of 4pm

Cue the sight seeing! Hayak being the ever resourceful woman that she is learnt from a conversation with Adam Raul that he was an international tour guide ( ideas, ideas) then he offered to spend the day with us being our guide cue the grins of gratitude).

But before we went sight seeing with Adam Raul the other Adam ( visually impaired) took us to the Hungarians partners office and while we lead us ( never been lead by a blind man before) he gave us an very well informed tour till we got to the building. Very surreal experience

We went sight seeing with Adam Raul he took us around Budapest and these are some of the sights we saw, absolutely beautiful

Buda castel The chain bridge Fisherman's Bastion

Just to make the experience really magical on the first night we arrived walked along the river Danube and pass the parliament building there was a little restaurant in which we sat in for about 3 hours recovering from the never ending walk. We met a Norwegian couple who gave us some advice about where to go and what to do. One of the place was a restaurant near the Buda Castle, they said I was a magical little place to go and the music there had been playing for over 25 years.

We were starving by 8pm and wondered into a restaurant near the Castle and to our delight there was a Romany band duo ( violin and drums), when I asked how long they had been playing for it was a long shot but when the waiter said 25 years I thought FANTASTIC.

I have never had a Romany gypsy play me a Hungarian folk song with a violin while Adam Raul sang for us. What an experience and a great way to complete a wonderful trip.


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I will second that WOW!

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I have a passion to visit those east european nations...

Tell me ..How are they culture wise..