Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gap year extended

What’s new?

First and foremost it is beautiful not having a purpose takes me back to school summer holidays.

Secondly shuls and md are of to Egypt for 5 weeks or so we though until they called the airline and found out that they are not in fact coming back on the 24th but the 28th the lucky little so and so.

Thirdly I finally went to see the careers advisor to discuss my masters ( or rather the lack of application) and she informed me that doing an MEd before my PGCE is not such a good idea especially as if am going to be working in a special school, the school will pay for my training.

Fourthly this means my masters saving are mine to do with as I wish! So being Naima here is the plan inshallah. Which since I am so flick (According to MD) will mean that you lot will have to keep me to them.

Learn to drive
Go Egypt (intensive Arabic course) XMAS time
Europe (City) hopping
Keeping the rest loose

Yippy yippy yippy… The gap year has been officially extended…



NM: if u dont learn how to drive i'm gonna kick yo a**!!!!!!!!
But inshaAllah u will....
Egypt we will probs be together inshaAllah.....
remember....ama kick yo a** if u dnt learn 2 drive.....

lostkitty said...

ur mad - come spend time with me!y am i not on ur list???!

hayak said...

this gap year is a surprise huh?

so are you gonna go straight for the PGCE next year?

Ive been so busy-its mad all this wedding lark. doesnt help when you have two weeks to organise it.

NM said...

Native F keep the threats coming! am serious normally i move from one day dream to another but i want this one to materialise!

Tahnia. oh man you moved to my least favourite place in the world!! but i PROMISE you one of these days i will turn up!

Hayak YIPPY YIPPY YIPPY Alhamdulilah, for once am seriously happy am losing one of my dear friends to a DUDE but since your moving closer and i know and like the dude am just plan happy about the arrangement!!
can't wait for the girls party... i am going to be such a girl and pick out an outfit (not ON the day as usual) but at least a week in advance!!

Ever The Idealist said...

salam hon. realy happy for you. isn't it amzing how things just happen whe you need them to. may Allah bless your money. we are suppose to go to Italy in end of august/beginig of september if you are intersted ask your sis. see you soon. what happened with the scouts thing?

The Rendezvous said...

The career counsellor was ok I suppose.

So you are enjoying the arabian summer......you are near Gaza and Lebanon..is ilaali hee

& they call you NM?

Keep the holiday blogging..

NM said...

I am puzzled brother? i wish i was in egypt but No that will be in the xmas holidays inshallah.

they call me NM? Because am not creative and took the first letter of my first name and the first letter of my surname and used that as my nickname.

p.s i have noticed that on your blog you called me "muslim,female and dark" i thought it was hilarious and "Native xalimo" made Native female and i's week.

we like what you did with our name.

applause for the content of your blog! We certainly are the other half

The Rendezvous said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog..

Then ..."We like what you did with our name"

How many of you..?????

I am sorry, I changed your label as Muslim, female and black...You are afterall an "angel" xaliimo..


NM said...

the change made be laugh so alhamdulilah.

"Angel" a little missed place i think

keep up the good work