Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hungary notes

Note: We left for Budapest slightly apprehensive, it didn’t help that neither of us are linguists and when you find out that Hungarian is like no other European language… lets just say we were more then prepared for getting lost. But alhamdulilah we were well taken care of, every time we though we didn’t know where we where going or were confused someone would pop out of the blue to help us. Be it the hotel staff, Adam Raul, Adam, the Libyan brother at the underground, the officer at the tram station, the host etc. It didn’t help matters that I broke something in every country we went through.

In Budapest I broke a beautiful long flute like glass that I was drinking from, the whole restaurant seemed to have stopped to look at me. In Amsterdam I was in a duty free shop (it didn’t help that I was carrying 3 bags on one shoulder) when I knocked over a kettle and broke that too! I stood there waiting to take responsibility for ages, no one seemed to care.

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Lulu said...

It is understandable, foreign country, limited or no grasp of the language. From the next article it looks like you had a wicked time.