Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hungary first 2days

The position of the letters on this Hungarian key board are very odd indeed and its tomorrow already. we have been in Budapest for 2days, it feels like we have have been here for a lot longer, squeezing so much into such a short trip is exciting, your senses are constantly assulted, your alert and the anticipation making you do ridiculous things like walk around for hours purposlessly

I am falling asleep while feeling really giddy and this key board is really starting to annoy me, very time i try to type a y it is replace by a z...

what have we done, well aside from the work aspect which is facinating, we have met some really inspirational people. Adam, is one of the most knowledgable people we have ever met, this brother is a fountain of knowledge, a lawyer, ridiculously mobile, independent, great sense of humour oh and he is blind

We visited "the Hungarian womens association" their presendent, is a profound women, full of wisdom and drive, a former machanical engineer, a visionary, a natural leader oh and she is 76.
This trip has made me and Hayek realise just how much history we dont know. These people could easily act like tour guides, they know their country. We need to rectify this.

We were invited to dinner by the president of the Hungarian partners. He lives in obuda the older part of buda. Walahi the view was like nothing i have ever seen before and to make it even more memoriable i was having a profound conversation with another Adam, Adam Raul, on the necessity for believe and practice in faith and how one without the other is empty. We talked about the hijab, about the 5 pillars, about having a personal relationship with God.

The cheese here is sooooo nice, we had what looked to be a simple cheese and tomato sandwich but it was so tasty Hayek and i were contemplating put a few in our bag for later, it was reallz tempting. Interesting fact, cheese here is called Syat thats pronounced Shyt.

we are going to go sightseeing tomorrow, might go on the tourest bus which is pink and is called the barbie bus. First on the list is castle uria.


lostkitty said...

woman, how could u leave me behind! that is so mean!
I envy you.....

Anonymous said...

have fun:)

good anon


Glad you like it so far.....i hope you have stories to tell when you come back.

By the way sarah and I are both enjoying ourselves at work........NOT!

hayak said...

Who has ever been able to explain where love comes from? What is it that makes two people feel attracted to each other? It is a complex of physiological and psychological processes, inexplicably beautiful, uplifting and down-to-earth. It is much the same with cities, though their allure is easier to explain. We take away with us the abiding impressions of buildings, streets, squares and sights, and of course, the atmosphere, the feel of the place.

(Quote ends)

NM said...

T i would love for you to be with me on these study visits, but we were ripped apart by destiny and now have to contend with the north/south divide.

Good anon thanks. We had a fantastic time alhamdulilah.

Native F I certainly have stories, two them involve me breaking things in two countries :)

Hayak, I read the first bit and thought huh? Did I miss something who fell for who and then the rest explained exactly how we fell for budapest... sigh ...sigh

Ladies we need to organise a trip to Budapest, a short break for us overworked young women And before am left with no single sister. Walahi its one of the most romantic places I have ever been to (Pisa was pretty romantic too) and no am not getting soppy although I have come back with a slight image change ( could just be because its so hot! preview of tuesday ;)