Monday, June 19, 2006

Small world

A certain Bradfodian and I went to Piccadilly train station to make a few enquires, as we stood in front of the enquires booth in the middle of the station (chatting and oblivious to our surroundings) a deep, booming, masculine voice said,

“Salam Naima”

I looked at sarah, just to make sure she heard the same thing and then slowly turned to the direction of the voice, only to see the biggest Black man I have seen in a long time, and by big I don’t mean Somali tall, I mean tall and broad, Huge is the word, partially wearing what looked like a navy uniform, something about sharks on the logo!!!

I strained my neck looking up and when I finally looked up at his face, the man was smiling down at me; there was something familiar about his smile and face. Then while Sarah and I looked on with eyes wide and a mock smile on our faces, the voice says

“How are you, how is the family?”

By now I am thinking OH MY GOD they know where I live! (the military that is!!) And in a non-genuine and slightly wobbly voice I said

“I am fine, the family are fine alhamdulilah”

When I finally mustered up the courage to ask the brother who the HELL he was, what he wants and how he knows my family… it dawns on me, I know the brother! In fact I have seen him lots of times just not in the past 4YEARS!!

He is my uncle’s best friend’s nephew (such an ethnic relation) and he is supposed to be on a ship somewhere as part of the Norwegian navy, not wondering around in a Manchester train station!

What a small and strange world


white african said...

its just been a month of army and navy for us nm, next its gonna be a long lost friend from the fbi or cia, man we have contacts...

NM said...

Lol! one day eh,i wonder if we can ever call on these contacts?

we told him we got mugged and he started pointing our pressure points which we could jam our fingers into to wait for it...

" to disable the attacker"

lol that made my day, watch out wannabe muggers

Ranya said...

LOL. Awww.. And you're like omg I need to change my address and name! LOL, just joking. Yeah, pretty small world man.

NM said...

For a moment i really didn't thing OMG! Alhamdulilah it turned out to me just him :)



Anonymous said...

wink, wink girl, what's going on here? Do tell;)

NM said...

LOL! its all in the blog.

The Rendezvous said...

That was very close.

WARNING: Beware of muggers