Sunday, June 11, 2006

To stay or not to stay...

The unexpected Sheffield stop of is turning into a long affair! My uncle wants me to stay over tonight because we haven’t had time to catch up yet! Since I haven’t left the house other then to sit in the back garden, to top up my tanJ I can’t be blamed for the lack of time I have spent with him

My uncle is one of the most interesting people I know and I can talk to him about anything so it’s understandable why I would love to stay up all night and talk with him.

And he has promised to drop me of at the train station in the morning as I have work tomorrow but after the London fiasco; I am having images of walking into work at 9:15 am instead of 9am which I really don’t want to!!!! I have just about managed to close that chapter.

But then again I could always book a taxi if my uncle is being his usual laid back self! It would also give me more time to stare out of the window /sit in the garden and reflect. I am in a very introspective mood all the greenery is helping me reflect and listen to my inner voice…

Beenish is here and we have been trying to quantify this year, how we have grown and our priorities changed, we can pin point some of the change because we can see it in each other but some aspects we can’t.

This really has been a year of change, a crash course in so many things for both of us! I feel different, less confused, surer of myself and wiser, I know my own mind, I am learning to identify my weakness and work on them. One of them is taking my own advice, listening to myself and acting upon it. Intention without action is rather empty!!

Another thing I have learnt is that I don’t take risks with my emotions, I have never had to. There is a first time for everything, have you ever felt an immense rightness about an action because you’re imbued with the knowledge that no matter what happens its all good Alhamdulilah.


Ever The Idealist said...

i do love you, not only, for the fact that you have such clear vision of what you are meant to be doing. masha allah. may allah keep you no the right path. ameen

Lady_WildKat said...

well NM, i dont love you and in fact am rather , ok, very, very annoyed which is a nice way of saying p-d off at you. you had promised to be at Egyption Queen's surprise party, to which you didnt turn up! and the thing that really annoys me is that you didnt even text or call anyone to say you weren't coming. you know HG was really stressed with organising it and making sure enough people turned up. poor show, NM, poor show.
p.s and short notice about not going to London, leaving WA to go on her own?not nice.

NM said...


First and foremost i DO love you!!
Secondly, i texted you twice and explained that i couldn't come because my uncle wanted to spend sometime with me, i couldn't say no to him! As well as telling shuls.since my contract sim got lost in the post all i have is text!!

2ndly, i didn't go with Wafrican because my cousin called me and i was summoned to Sheffield to bail her out of a jam she had got herself into!!

I really had to miss both events will explain properly

Evertheidealist: not spent time with you for ages woman! Its nice that you think i have clear vision :) Love you too

white african said...

sallam my fellow banana,

i pray that your well inshallah, i prayed for youand the rest of the crew on my way to london,and i willcontinue to do so inshallah, i hope that your cousin is fine and that you are as well, the main thing is that your ok.

but hey girl you and ad owe me a trip to london, i still would like your company so i have promised me on your behalf lol

Lady Wildkat said...

just emailed NM. and heres' our following conversation as per her request:
NM: Salam love. How goes? I replied to your comment on my blog
LW: Wa Salaam smelly pants.I didn't get any text, GYM didn't say anything as she wasn't going to
Egyptian Queen's phone was off later part of evening but I still didn't get anything whenI checked and still haven't.
well ok, then as it was your cousins emergency I shall graciously forgive you :op this time! you missed an absolutely great party
NM:Wasalam! Can you forgive me on my blog :)
LW: Btw, just cos I forgive you doesn't mean I wont make you pay!
NM:Awww YOUR so harsh to poor little Naima!!
LW:Yes i am!:oP

NM said...

Its true you know! being the youngest beats MAN :)

As long as am forgive!

WA: i would love a train trip with you although am not sure us being left together would be ideal! something is bound to happen :)