Saturday, June 10, 2006


I am supposed to be in London for a scout’s regional meeting but am stranded in Sheffield! What happened?


My lift to London (my uncle) is visiting his friend and despite reassuring me that he would drop me off at the meeting on time when I offered to take the train! To top this of i forgot my contact case in manchester and i sat on my glasses a while ago so am sat here practically glued to the TV because I can’t see very well, having my hair straightened (by my cousin) and waiting for the England v Paraguay game!

My auntie is insisting that she is going to teach me to make dinner, am actually looking forward to it my aunties is an amazing cook mashallah! mmmmmmmmmm

They moved home and this is the first time i have seen the new house! the view ppl, all i did last night was sit on hte sofa watching the view through the massive window! I didn't realise how much i missed them till now, definately going to make this a regular thing again!


Micheal Own just scored

go to go!


Anonymous said...

London is rubbish anyway. They don't say Good Morning or Good Afternoon-they dont say anything good at all.

Now the Northerners...we are all inbred and it in our blood to say 'Mornin'.

NM said...

It truely is one of the worst place to visit, i don't know how anyone lives there! plus side to every thing...

Argentina v Ivory cost is such an exciting game! The african bro's just scored, phew...

can't believe i am going to miss all the morning games! working life is harsh :)