Monday, June 26, 2006

pre-Hungary visit

My week is about to change dramatically, I have semi packed for the gender discrimination study group I am on. I am delighted to point out that Hayak has joined the Group and I will no longer be going of to uncharted foreign lands by my lonesome. The visit is from Wednesday to Saturday so I will be back for the party in Arabic (a must)

To prepare for the study visit other then the necessary gathering of information I had enlisted Native female’s sister to braid my hair! She did an excellent job so much so that my head feels really light and airy. Weightless almost and there wasn’t a battle with the curly mass this morning. What does it look like, the best picture i could find to illustrate how tiny and intricate the braids are is this (any brothers reading this you continue at your own peril!)

Warning!! Warning!! Alicia keys doesn't wear a hijab.

Although while in Hungary am predicting a lot of getting lost and a lot of confusion. Why? Well I looked up a few SOS phrases so we can get by while one our own and the introductory paragraph

To the phrases reads like this

“You will instantly recognise that Hungarian is like no other language you have ever seen or heard before. In fact, it is not even an Indo-European language.”

Here are a few phrases

Pleased to meet you. - Örülök hogy megismerhetem.
I don't speak Hungarian. - Nem tudok magyarul.
Hi - Szia / Szervusz
Please - Kérem
Thank you - Köszönöm

Eh oh, doh, opps… ahhhhh watch this space, I have an feeling that there will be a lot to blog about when we come back, if we come back...



Your braids looked beautiful sweety.....just beautiful! lol This is said with no form of bias involved....

You wil come back speaking like won't be making sense!

Poor you.....but atleast there's a possibilty I might have an ally in my incoherent world!

That puts a smile on my face :) scratch that it puts a grin o my face :D

NM said...

If we make it back :)

i went out for lunch and found an arab place, i thought great i feel like a sharwama, we walked in and the place was fine within 2 mins of order they brought out the shisha apparatus and started smoking! i had to leave and tell them we would be back to get the food, the smell ...urgh!

am feeling sooooo light head, high i think is the word! this place definately wasn't falafel :(