Friday, June 09, 2006

Fletcher moss park

This Friday, Sarah had heard from her housemate that Didsbury has amazing botanical gardens and while it wasn’t kitcheners botanical l island in Luxor (Egypt) it was beautiful! The usual suspects are growing there where 5 of us this week, with Native female and MD who although was immersed in a novel was at least physically there for the whole day, unlike me who had to change her plan to go to London for a scout regional meeting to instead going to Sheffield with a 2 hour notice!


hayak said...

I'll start shall I?

Fletcher Moss Park is great. The rock garden is lovely, the cafe would have been very nice if we had got there a bit early-home made coconut and almomd cake and off course chocolate cake.

The funniest bit? There were a few- mummifying NM because evil was lurking everywhere was quite amusing ;-)
ermmm....a random bloke coming up to us as we were all sat on a wall drawing on each other. He came to congratulate us on the fact that we were so happy. Alham! Weird but good weird.

Ellesmere Port in 2 weeks anyone? We're going diving with sharks and as NM can't swim, we're going to feed her to the sharks. hehe.

NM said...

Your abundant praise of the carrot cake brought on a craving and when we got there to find her closing and the carrot cake had gone I had to restrain myself from holding her at pen point ( anything can be a weapon right) and forcing her to bake there and then!

I might take painting/poetry/ sewing (something creative) and sit on one of the benchs being inspired by Allah’s abundant creation!

I forgot about the random bloke, he was lovely in a definitely weird way, I thought the mugging hadn’t affected me but when he snuck up on us I tensed and almost made a fist….not a good sign ppl.

You guys are merciless, tickling me very opportunity you got when Sarah found out I have tickly ears! I looked ridiculous walking around covering both of my ears with my hands!

If I remember correctly Hayek am not the only one who can’t swim, am taking you with me!! Mwahha…

md said...

awww that old man was amusing
'you all look bloddy happy...are you happy?'
was he drunk?


MD.. i think he might have been. Either that or he was just a litlle 'kafif' :)

All in all the day was fun...thumbs up (african style!)

Anonymous said...

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