Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Sri lanken strikes again

Not only have I been mugged, traumatised, injured and been forced to miss a friends wedding on saturday, missed Arabic on sunday and had to spend hours upon hours in a police station being probed mercilessly about the mugging!

To add insult to injury literally, instead of a few caring words of concern from my colleagues as I returned to work today, a certain Sri lanken, has started questioning the legitimacy of my having had Monday of work!! Subhanallah,


Anonymous said...

NM you are misleading your blog readers.By saying you are having Monday off means you are taking it as a day off/holiday which is fine, you are entitled to. However this is not tha case is it NM??!!!
Let's analyse your "traumatic" week shall we?
Thursday - Got mugged outside your house around 11.30 pm
Friday - You decided to galevanting to Longdendale
Weekend- You are claiming to have missed friends wedding and Arabic class
Monday- you decided to go to Police station (which you could have done it on friday- your real day off) and then call your boss to take a sicky.

Police station visit,I dont believe this would have taken hours and hours like you claim.

Anyway i think this will give your viewers a balanced view of thingsand let them decide forthemselves and I am sure this is what the Srilankan trying to say, i believe.

NM said...

Mocking my pain and suffering are you anonymous?!

Thursday, the mugging was traumati

Friday, the walk was a therapeutic must (a bit of Cognitive behavioural therapy)

Saturday and Sunday, I was bed ridden and on painkillers (something that the half doctor prescribed, missing my friends wedding was traumatic in a way only a women another women can understand.

Monday was the earliest day the Pc could see us. I was kept in the police station for hours (admittedly because I was probably more descript with the events then factual) but hey I want the loser caught!

I am feeling so uncared about, unloved and under appreciated! And just because I smile when am accused of something doesn’t mean am fiddling with the truth!! It’s been an affliction since childhood

Joy said...

You have my sympathy!
I know how awful somthing like a mugging can be-you feel like a rug has been pulled from under you and suddenly you see that the world around you, YOUR world, is a really sh**ty place to be in-you feel unsafe, you're always looking over your shoulder, you think every dodgy-looking person is gonna try and mug you.

It takes a few days to try and get back to normal but you will and I think going on your trip on Fri was good for you.
Anyway, this is your blog, so ignore anyone who tries to hijack it! they're just attention seeking!

BTW, I'm really enjoying my work here. You should come and visit me! Its only 1.5 hour away-two trains...

Lady WildKat said...

Anon, get over yourself!
i've had to do a report to the police before as a witness and it took hours, waiting, writing it, going over it etc...i wasnt fortunately mugged but in another incident my mother was, and its a traumatising feeling. Gallavanting on friday? its called taking charge of your life and not lettin this incident take over you. and missing Lady Shire's wedding when it was so planned and looked forward to makes you feel crap- you have my sympathies Nemo, it was a great wedding, im sure Anon is just p-o s/he wasnt invited :oP of course its a guy well ur not gonna be. As Joy said ur blog, u do what u like and tell anon to stick it where the sun dont shine.
love ya Nemo, mwah, mwah xxx

Anonymous said...

poo to anon

from good anon:)

NM said...

LOL! Am becoming puzzled by all the ANONs! and once again ladies

Na'mah not nemo!!

Joy: i will inshallah come and see you, you know how much i like travelling! althou the 2 trains, is the scenery beautiful.

Lady WK: it felt great taking charge, especially because it was the day following the mugging! Why r we so sure anonymous is a guy?

Good Anon: :) Pooh indeed! (but who are u, because am the only other person i know who says pooh!

lostkitty said...

LOL! Naima, ur blog starting to sound like ur life! Woman I love u but u gotta get used the way the Sri Lankan works. He waits till all is serene and attacks - making sure to hit ur insecurities! U got mugged - punch or kick him and see how he takes it (ps - if u do, pls dont let him know I suggested it!) and if u can, take his wallet along the way! lol

So called "bad anon" obviously didnt grasp the whole situation - like Monday being the Pc's first available day.

Peace everyone - save the anger till we find the mugger - then everyone can jump him - afterall he caused all this!

hayak said...

We need some light entertainment here-here we go:
The bugger mugger nicked off with my Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies Book (it was in one ofthe bags that was nicked) .

I was really enjoying it.

I hope he reads it and takes note! Idiot or should i say Dummy?

Ever The Idealist said...

salam people! vhill - nemo is fine. mugger is probabily peed as there was nothing worth selling in the bag and he can't read and therefore making himself warm by burning the books!lol! as for anon - chill man (it's got to be a man a woman would have sympathised) and get a life!!!!!
nemo-i like calling you that- when are you next galavanting and taking a well deserved trip? count me in. love you hon xx

NM said...

LOL! i love the idea of jumping the mugger when and if he gets caught, he would never have bargained on being jumped by a bunch of angry hijabi's being led by Lady LK :)

This Fridays trip is to Bramhall hall or something like that, refer to Hayek... any takers?

Meeting at the usual place, MYF after jummah!

md said...

hey i was mugged and let me tell you its pretty traumatising.....i can sympathise with what nemo did on friday because i spent all day trying to go out and when i finally did sat at fezo's for the whole day!!
and just to let you all know Nemo took 2 hours to give her statement wheras me and Sarah took an hour each....2 HOURS!p.s my week is getting better....i have now found out i have lost my passport

NM said...

MD! Whats going on with you? Talk about a series of unfortunate events! You need to get one ASAP or morocco might be jeopardised too and that really would be unfortunate!!!

Anonymous said...

ignore the random anon comments. im a good anon so no worries. By the way try going heaton park next time its great.

Where would you suggest going for a day trip? longdendale? and was it cheap

good anon

NM said...

lol! all good anon's are welcome :)
I am sure so called evil/mean anon was having an off day!

I went to Heaton Park as a kid but not being back though, I really want to go horse riding!!! We went driving when I was in Egypt and it was fantastic!!!

Longdendale was ridiculously cheap, its was £2.75 from Piccadilly train station and it’s even cheaper if you have a rail card,

Alderly edge was stunning visually and the view from the cliff, try and make your climb to the top coincide with a prayer, very spiritual.

Hebdon Bridge is a cool place, very hippy, great if you’re into aromatherapy, mediation, that sort of life style