Monday, June 05, 2006

Longdendale trail

The day after the mugging Sarah and I decided (along with MD who we couldn’t locate in the end, as she was phone less) we would go out and keep the Friday tradition untainted by the mugging experience. So went to Piccadilly and asked one of the attendants if he knew anywhere near by for us to go on a day trip.

He draw us a map, cut across the queue for us and issued us tickets and took us to the platform. It was lovely especially with a rather bleak view of the world that morning very endearing.

This place we recommended was Hadfield, which is in the peak district and has the Longdendale trail which apparently was the location of “the league of gentleman”.
Amazing picturesque place even if for some strange reason there were a lot of chav’s about that day and since our mugger was a chav Sarah and I were a tad weary at certain points.

Especially when we found ourselves about a mile and a half into the trail and as far as the eye could see we couldn’t spot a single human being. This lead me to point out that for two people who were mugged last night, it could be perceived as brave or just pure recklessness. This
earned me a whack for my morbid imagination.

We got home about 9pm (earlier then the day before) and as I crawled into bed I got a harsh lecture from my mum about my recklessness! I went to bed well chastised, tired and ribs which hurt like hell. But the scenery and the since of control over my own life (which the little loser had me questioning!!!) was well worth it.


Hayak said...

I can't believe you went without me. Oh well, I'll find some more friends...

NM said...

:( You can't beat my excuse, i had been mugged and traumatised the day before. next week inshallah ;)

p.s it only cost about £2.50 on the train!!!

hayak said...

Bramhall Hall this week anyone?

Ever The Idealist said...

salam hon. i am so sorry didn't get a chance to visit but was working crazy hours as usual. it was fantastic to see you yesterday - looking as good as ever. Promise me one thing tho? You have to promise never to do that again EVER! Ok. as for this weeks outing - enjoy and tell me all about it soon ia

NM said...

and so you should be, i waited and waited for AD to come and give me a hug but to NO avail!

aww! was it the tan! am well on my way to looking "Black" so there no more yellow jokes, its brown now!

I have no idea why i fought with him AD inshallah i wont react like that again but i can't promise because i didn't have time to think... it was instinctual :(

One of these days you have to actually take a fri off! love u