Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Farewell (for now)

I don’t know what’s over come me but am sat here looking up first aid instructions, sipping a mug of coffee and making a mental list of the presents am going to take to our Bosnian hosts you would think that would be an easy job but am running low on inspiration. A last minute dash tonight on my way home I think, if it really is the thought that counts then they can revel in the knowledge that I have been thinking about what to get them for days now. Inshallah Khayr

I am debating about whether to pop into the MYF and say my salam’s to the usual crowd or run home and have a hot bath. Aside from all of these thoughts that are preying on my mind, there is one thought or emotion rather; I am brimming with love for all those am leaving behind. I usually just pack the last minute take off and return, but this time around its not a quick 3days work trip it’s a lengthy stay, that’s two jummahs that I won’t be prostrating at the MYF.

For someone who wants to travel and go from one adventure to another, I am really going to miss you all. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the prophet (SAW) said if you love your brother then tell him.

I leave you with lots of Love and the du’a of the traveller for those she leaves behind

“I leave you in the Care of Allah, as nothing is lost that is in his care”

We leave just after fajr tomorrow and return on the 21st of august inshallah

Tell I return, farewell mis amigos


Anonymous said...

I like that bit where you say the prophet (SAW) said if you love your brother then tell him. :-).

Have fun girl!

Happy anon.

NM said...

cool huh, i don't think we say i love you enough especially to our parents.

md said...

hey....do i couynt as one of the people you will miss?

muslimah said...

asalamu alaikum

Have a safe and happy journey!

Lady_WildKat said...

Watever, Minger, Loser, Reject

u were supposed to call me, i waited for ages, and i tried calling u loads but was engaged on tuesday night.am soooo not impressed, sweet words (hello this is me!) will not sway me, im expecting lots of grovelling when u get back.

have a great journey, i'll be waiting at the airport for you when u get back.....evil grin heheheheh

[actually i wont becos i'l be living it up in Dubai]

muslimah said...

hey I added you to my blog list.

Lady_WildKat said...

jeez loueez blog already!

NM said...

Muslimah, how is it done, this adding ppl to your links ( p.s i feel very honoured)

muslimah said...

asalamu alaikum

you have a cool blog.

you have to go to your control panel and then click on template. scroll down until you see google or edit me and replace it with whatever link you want. ( it took me a while to get....)

NM said...

I am pleased that you like my neurotic rants muslimah, I will give it a go soon.

keep us update on the results of your interview. your in our du'as