Thursday, August 31, 2006

God bless the Flight Centre

I walked into the flight centre with MD just to get a few quotes to work with. As
my usual sources of cheap tickets were failing me miserably and i was getting ridiculous quotes for Cairo which were heart breakingly expensive

So when the consultant at the flight centre looked at his computer and said NM British airways is having a sale which ends today at 6pm the ticket is...... basically £100 less then all the other quote our system is showing up (concurrent with the ridiculous qoute i was finding)

the only down side being you have to book your ticket before 6pm or it jumps back up. ermm let me think about that....NOT so I handed over my card and brought my ticket and to add to the sweetness of this ticket am going from manchester to london to cairo so no painful waits in any eastern european countries!!!!!!!


Its official inshallah i am off on the 26 of jan and i return on the 14 of july. The last two weeks i am going to be joined by the ladies and we are going backpacking around egypt!!

I can't believe the deal and the way i just woke up and thought it was any other ordinary day!!



Firefly said...

Sounds very exciting!! Now you definitely have to get down to some serious saving. Good luck, dear.

hayak said...

Spur of the moment or what huh? But its cool. Youve made a decision and thats that.
Good luck!

lostkitty said...

wow - im so happy for u and so depressed cos I cant go with u! Please think of me while ur there!

Who is joining u? What "ladies"??

NM said...

I Could never not think of you guys :(

Now i just have to save enough to keep me out there for the 6 months inshallah.

Who is joining me as of yet absolutely no one is confirmed so it looks little old me is of all by my lonesome

white african said...

i know some one who wants to study arabic in egypt...

NM said...

Ooooh details when i see you next insh Allah.

how is the battle for the kettle?

white african said...

i dont work mondays, so my up date will be tomorrow, he doesnt come into work until 10am so i have an hour of the kettle and office to myself....