Monday, August 07, 2006


When I woke up this morning all was well except that I was running a tad late. By about 12pm I was informed we would need to take part in an ITN interview, by 4pm I had done the ITN interview along with Genie (sleepyhead, jug). It’s viewing this afternoon at 6.30pm on channel 3. I am hiding tell people forget!!


Sleepyhead said...

x My Lovely Captain Nemo. You looked a Doll- and even the shadowy blurry clips beforehand couldn't taint your cuteness.

NM said...

LOL, very optimist there sleepyhead

Evertheidealist and i have this thing were we reinforce each others greatness when ever we see each other.

comments such as,

"wow your looking as stunning as ever" or

" what an original comment love" or

"Your generousity never seems to stop suprising me"

and so on. Its an on going joke but subconciously am sure it does wonders for our self esteem ;)

Prince_of_Som said...

well i missed the 6:30 ( i just don't watch ITV news). but on Channel 4 news there was there was this Somali girl talking about the muslim somethings ( bad memory ) part, all i can say is she looked yummy is an islamic way.

P.S i will dig the archives to see ur slot NM

NM said...

Yummy in an islamic sort of way?!! you might want to reconsider that phrase.

please dont do any digging am trying to live it down :(

Prince_of_Som said...

so was it on the main news or the local news? , i will dig it as a soon as leave work, since viedo streaming is blocked at work.

yummy .. am sure tats ok, by what other means can one describe it ..

NM said...

most things except yummy