Monday, August 07, 2006

World currency

I went to the future seminar held at Didsbury Masjid this Sunday instead of packing for Bosnia (looks like its going to be a last minute thing) and all the talks were fantastic and Shabir Ally did an excellent job of raising funds for the CCIS. After the large figure donations were collated the buckets came around, and since am not carrying my cards around anymore (learning to curb by spendthrift ways) I only had my bus pass and some change, the change I had already spent on food so by the time the buckets came around to us, after frantically fishing in the numerous pockets of my bag I had located

8 pence
25 cent
2 fronts (Hungarian currency)

So that’s what I gave to charity! This not carrying my Cards business really does have its down side. I must admit I did feel rather embarrassed and released the change from my grip at the bottom of the bucket. Not sure what this says about me except I can’t wait till I learn to use my money appropriately and I am able to walk around with cash and cards so as hopefully to never repeat this episode. The only plus is that my mum thought it was hilarious and said something to the effect of that will teach you… teach me what am not too sure, maybe to prepare

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lulu said...

That’s so funny, Mashallah. Hey, you gave all that you had at that point in time, that’s all that can be asked of you. Imagine there face when they count the collection and find your foreign currency contribution. That will generate dialogue