Tuesday, March 13, 2007

23rd Birthday

I turned 23 today so in order to mark the occassion i have been working on producing a personal mission statment that i can live by and here it is:

Personal mission statement

1) Always be sincere and honest with myself and my creator (including my intentions, motives and drives)
2) Know that victory comes with patience, relief with affliction and ease with hardship.
Priorities my family. Aim to make my whole being an enrichment and blessing upon my parents. And my time on earth a source of comfort and unwavering support to my siblings.
3) Nurture my friendships, give without expectations, seek to understand and then be understood
4) Excel in counselling ( Person-centred approach integrated with a Islamic perspective, attain the Islamic knowledge and wisdom that this will require)
5) Sponsor an orphan/s
6) Allah loves that which is small but consistent, set up a standing order with Islamic relief.
7) Fluency in Arabic, beauty in Tilawa, Eloquence in Speech and memorisation of the Qur’an.
8) Explore Allah’s world (Frequent, responsible and earth friendly travel)
9) Learn at least one new skill a year
10) Eradicate at least one bad habit a year
11) Be debt free always.


NM said...

I spent the first part of the day calling a few numbers my growing list of egptian contacts have given me in relation to volunteering and i am very pleased to say am visiting an orphanage 2moro to see how i can help khayr inshallah am sooooo pleased alhamdulilah

MD said...

awwww...i'm jealous i wanted to offer my time at an orphanage when i was in egypt...well done you with your aims and goals...


p.s saw shukri today and she says you're a changed woman!

Anonymous said...

salam hun,
just want to say
'happy birthday!!'
thinking of you deeply..
good mission statement, Ill make sure you achieve it!:)


flowerlady said...

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white african said...

happy birthday bannan, may your life always be full of happiness and may you have a long life as well as one that supplys u with never ending bananas.

linda ringwood said...

Good luck with ur mission dear...am sure u would carry it out quite successfully in ur life and also a very happy birthday to u...drop by me if u wish to have some cool ideas regarding birthday...hope to hear from u soon :)

NM said...

MD: next time inshallah, i will let you know how it goes

"saw shukri today and she says you're a changed woman!"

lol this might be because for the first in the 12years i have known her i actually cooked for her :)

Beenish, me too sweet and am gutted that am missing your kitab:(

Flowerlady thanks shorty! i told sarah and soon shireen that your twin sisters are visiting...excitment all around.

Whitey: banana's bestill my heart :)

Ihsaan-the struggle said...

Salaamu aleykum warahmatulaah, maasha'allah what an inspirational list of to do's!

May Allah azza wa jall give you the tawfiiq to fulfil each and every goal,

Oh by the way are you in the process of memorising quran as well? or is it something you wish to do future wise?

AMTAF! said...

Happy Birthday! Hope that you had a wonderful day :)

hayak said...

Happy birthday!


You know how I feel!

Hope you had a joyous birthday homegirl!

May I say mashaAllah on your beuatiful mission statement. May Allah make it possible for you to achieve all of them and then some.


Aya said...

Happy belated birthday, nm, may this be the year that plants you firmly on the path to all your goals.

Lady_WildKat said...

my birthday present to you is that im coming!!!

wooooo hooo ladies lets rok and roll- hijabi style hehehehehe

NM said...

Ihsan: I am just started memorising :( better late then never inshallah.

Native and Aya: Ameen!

Lady Wildk: couldn't have asked for a better present :)

Lone Dreamer said...

Happy birthday and great list! Hope you accomplish all of them.

Firefly said...

Happy belated birthday, Naima. May you achieve all your goals and dreams, I'A. Many happy returns!

Ahmed Quick said...

Happy birthday and many more returns.

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

Are birthdays a bidah?

Well sister jazakallahu khairn, next time I offer salat I will make a dua'a for you.

Wa salaama,

nuh ibn

NM said...

Shukran Ahamed

Nuh, i guess it is a bidah in that its new but as to whether its haram i have not looked it up because i use the day as i time for reflection and to plan for the next year no parties.

Although if you now more about the matter please share

jazakallah khayr for the du'a :)

Anonymous said...

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